Medical Centre Website – New Client – SEO Case Study (1)

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Work with a new client started some 4 weeks ago.

We are implementing an Internet SEO Marketing Plan for a Medical Centre [Doctors Family General Practice] in Dublin, Ireland.

As the job / project progresses, I intend to keep a blog diary (with client approval) to highlight the SEO Marketing opportunities and milestones.

From my perspective SEO is the “method” to get the “the right people” to see and understand your business proposition. The marketing goal is to convert as many as possible contacts (visits) to become new business leads and new customers.

The SEO research work done to date  :

  • assessment of current business position and goals, and current visibility on the internet
  • reviewing competing medical services in Ireland, especially in the Dublin area
  • internal discussions with the doctors and managment team to identify core positioning and target audience for internet presence
  • keyword analysis using Wordtracker and Google Keyword Tool to quantify market / search potential
  • analysis of top performing “medical centre” websites (keywords, copy style, links, tags, rankings)
  • analysis of the on-going Ad Words Campaign

Google Webmaster Tools proved to be a really useful basic checklist for SEO, and it helped speed up getting the website pages indexed.

Now we are ready to identify & measure opportunities with the new data that’s starting to come in. The new data is being captured by website analytics which we set up for each page, plus we also have data coming in from the Ad Words Campaign.

This data will help us to:

  • reassess audience size & growth potential, comparing expectaions to actual number of hits / clicks / visits
  • which keywords are most popular and reconfirm the volume potential of keywords /key phrases / long tail
  • identify what pages (titles / subjects) are mosted viewed and for how long
  • develop new effective copy and keywords which will be used consistently across marketing

Basic SEO Lesson 1: Doing business on the internet has changed our perspective of time and how long it takes to get things done. The technical interface and the other infinite number of Marketing SEO variables can make implementing SEO both time consuming and very frustrating, as not everything is in your control. Laying out the Baseline of where you started helps keep you sane. When progress appears slow, you can check the metrics and remind youself that you have come a long way in a short space time, relative to marketing business services some years ago.

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