Improve Website Search Visibility with Google….

Submit your Website for Review…SEO Tip!

Time and again people omit the most important step to get better search results, you need to tell Google that your website exists.

You should also advise Google of the latest updates, so all your website URL’s are reviewed and indexed.

How? Send information about your website to Google direct, by submitting your website URL,  ….now you can do it even faster.

Google announced a few weeks ago a new way to submit a new URL and get it Indexed faster using Googlebot.

The Fetch as Googlebot feature in Webmaster Tools now provides a way to submit new and updated URLs to Google for indexing.”

(The Fetch as Googlebot Tool lets you see you webpage as a robot sees it)

Don’t forget to verify your site with Webmaster Tools, which really helpful in catching errors or issues,

You can still request Google to crawl your site without verifying it with Google, using the  Crawl URL form.

Google Submit URL Form

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