Analyzing Top Line Data in Google Analytics Efficiently

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“Paralysis by Analysis” advice for theGoogle Analytics Logo Data-holic!

I find it easy to waste time or at least lose track of time, while working on my laptop, but especially when I am using Google Analytics.

There always seems to be one more statistic which fascinates me, and pulls me in to ask one more question, which leads to one more analysis and I enter slowly into the “data trance”, where I just can’t get enough data and statistics..and time flies by….data-holism? I would prefer to say I am “enamored with” or “gaga over” Google analytics rather than addicted. But maybe I am in denial.

Planning Routine Data Analysis

To avoid wasting time or too much time of one client’s website performance, I plan and structure how I analyze the Google Analytics data. My routune keeps me focused on the critical data / metrics and delivers better data research, so this my mindset:

  1. clarify original objective by client by this point in time
  2. what were goals to be measured
  3. analyze data at a similar point in time each week or month
  4. analyze data over similar time period and comparison
  5. analyze the same list of metrics, my top-line reports are
  • Goals achieved during period
  • Unique Visitors to the site
  • Unique Page Views viewed by visitors
  • Non-Paid Search trend
  • Bounce Rate trend
  • Average Time of Site trend
  • Average Page View trend

The above information should provide sufficient quantified information to identify issues that need extra investigative analysis and to plan the next period work plan and activity, and this top-line review is usually completed within the hour.

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