Benefits of Setting Up a Conversion Funnel

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Conversion Funnel = Sales FunnelConversion Sales Funnel

It’s my point of view, that your website has ONE GOAL = CONVERT VISITORS to BUYERS

So you need to measure the CONVERSION FUNNEL to IMPROVE SALES

The basic Sales Funnel process:

Awareness – search results ranking, proof that you exist, and what you offer

Interest – content “sells” your point of difference

Desire – content marketing your product / services benefits with what they are looking for

Action – a call to action to close the sale

Analyzing the Conversion Funnel provides a lot of information, but make sure you know what your objective and metrics are before you set up the funnel.

The funnel helps you understand how people navigate your website. The key information is seeing where people Exit, and then understanding why?

To find out how set up your customized Conversion Funnel go to Google Analytics website or watch Video explanation on YouTube

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