Freeman Schwabe – B2B Blog – a Growing Success

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Check out the Freeman Schwabe Machinery BlogFreeman Schwabe Machinery logo

The Freeman Schwabe Blog only dates back to March 2011, but already has had a significant impact and contribution to Freeman Schwabe business.

The Blog continues to grow and has provided an increase in qualified visitors/ referrals to the Freeman Schwabe website as well as direct contacts looking for information and request for quotes (RFQs).

A Business Blog complements a Business website and provides an opportunity to increase the “business brand visibility” to your potential audience.

The focus of the Blog, as with the website, should be providing visitors with information and should avoid becoming a “sales sheet”.

Succesful Blogs deliver extra value and newsworthy items, the Freeman Schwabe YouTube Channel is a regular item as we add new Videos and new Video formats including Machine Information Training Videos:

  • Cutting Press Overview
  • Safety Features
  • Maintenance Tips
  • Special Features

Distinct Advantages of Business Blogs

  • Speed of Blog Post being published, indexed and appearing in search results
  • Allows a one-off entry highlighting the “latest and greatest” topic for a business
  • Has a promotional feel and creates curiousity
  • Adds to buisness share of search results page delivery
  • People subscribe anf follow topics
  • Allows broader reach as each Blog is indexed for search on its own merit
  • Word Press is FREE
  • Its easier to update randomly than the “regular dialogue” required with Facebook
Thoughts / Feedback let me know
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