How to Manage Your Brand / Company Image across the Internet – Part 1

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Manage your Internet Brand Image: Maximize Positives, Minimize Negatives

It is now critically important to become involved and participate in internet marketing and to identify which media and social platforms have the biggest influence on your

  • marketplace
  • competitors
  • brand  / company image

The Purpose of the Internet Marketing Brand Strategy

The goal and purpose of an Internet Marketing Brand Strategy is to deliver the agreed business targets while building a stronger more robust brand image vs competitors, and increasing the value of the brand to the business.

The key question and critical decision is defining your brand / our company’s core positioning in the marketplace and the your sustainable competitive advantages.

Internet Marketing Brand Strategy matrix farmework - John Cullen
Internet Marketing Strategy farmework @John Cullen

Building a Internet Marketing Strategy 

One should be aware of which factors will provide the best ROI for a minimal investment, of resources in time and effort, remembering it requires different marketing and creative skills than traditional marketing.

An Internet Marketing Strategy requires a balance between:

  • the degree of inter-activity required with your target audience
  • the size & composition of the target audience and how it breaks down by groups
  • identifying the opportunities to influence the image / brand values across the internet platforms

The business or company website is now just one internet platform that requires marketing optimization. It is also critical to optimize other key platforms that influence & contribute to your overall brand image across the internet

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