Small Business Tip – Managing your Social Channels

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Social Media – Managing your Social Channels

Social Media, i.e. Facebook, twitter, Flickr, YouTube etc is obviously a key support strategy for any business today but selecting the most effective social media and the most efficient with limited resources, is crucial to avoid being overwhelmed.

In my view, less is more for a small organization, with regard to social media i.e. its better to be effective and interactive on a few social sites, rather than trying to be present in all.

Social Media Planning

As with the website take time to identify your audience by each Social Media (people join different media for different reasons and different needs) and set goals by social interaction.

Its important to recognize some Social Media is a lot more resource intensive than others e.g. Facebook and Twitter, can become a full time role!

So its important to measure which ones provide the most effective & efficient return on time and resource you spend, measure which channels are working best for you.

To help reduce time and resource on Facebook and Twitter, you might consider starting a Blog (I recommend its free and very effective in search results). You can write comments and updates in the Blog and then Publicize the Blog Posts, your posts / comments will automatically update on your Facebook and Twitter page….

the other benefit is your Blog will appear in search results!

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