Social Media users disappointed by Business response

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Social Media and Business Interaction

Research Study commissioned* by Conversocial shows companies are finding it difficult to keep up with consumers social media interaction and customer needs / demands.

 Research Top Line Results / Findings

51% of respondents use social media to communicate with companies

78% of respondents believe social media is here to stay

33% of respondents that communicated with companies felt they were ignored or neglected

88% of respondents with unanswered complaints said they are less likely to do business with the company in the future

32% of respondents were generally satisfied with how companies communicate using social media with them

only 8% of respondents were totally satisfied with the way companies do business on social network sites.


Businesses need to pick up the pace, on internet marketing, and need to develop a plan to manage online visibility especially how to manage their presence and involvement on social media effectively.

Trying to do too much too quickly without setting customer centric goals and the right skills and controls to implement social media effectively could have a negative impact on customer satisfaction.

*Survey questions devised by Liel Leibovitz Assistant Professor of Communications at New York University, survey completed by 513 respondents, residing in metropolitan areas of USA average age 38 with slight female bias.

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