Internet Marketing: Paradigm shift from “knowledge is power” to “shared knowledge is more powerful”

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We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately. 

Benjamin Franklin [At the signing of the Declaration of Independence]

Knowledge Cloud

Information vs Knowledge

Keeping up to date with the continuous change in the age of dynamic on line marketing across Social Media, Local Business development and Mobile growth requires a new business culture, “an open shared knowledge culture”.

In personal life to help us through the new age of information overload, we openly share our knowledge (not just the information) with friends. A similar approach in business will help customers and suppliers become allies and friends.

Reluctance to embrace continuous change is generally related to fear that the current knowledge base will be eroded, and therefore power and job security is threatened.

 “Shared Knowledge” both internally and externally

Internally – so people in an organization work together and collaborate to keep the business up to date with new opportunities

Externally – sharing knowledge with customers & suppliers helps them succeed and creates a distinct competitive advantage: by building trust and improves our reputation.



Sharing knowledge: inevitable and recommended!

“Collaborative Tools: Solutions for Improving Efficiency”

Contact John Cullen for a Free Assessment of your Business Opportunities in sharing knowledge on Internet Marketing / On Line Visibility to improve your Competitive Advantage and Business Growth

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