Small Business Internet Marketing benefits from Sponsorship of PGA Tour

Posted by Tour Flag Tour Flag  as the new sponsor of the PGA development tour, in a 10 year deal (replacing Nationwide) is a breakthrough for small business marketing, including internet marketing consultants!

The company positioning is clear and concise “a leading provider of internet services and online marketing solutions that enable small businesses to establish and maintain an effective web presence, and to be found in local search”.

What’s great about their marketing investment and promotion of online visibility is their business vision….“we believe that mass adoption of the internet by small businesses is happening now, so now we think it’s the time to strike”….as with a golf swing timing is everything.

Sponsoring a PGA tour is a custom fit for to reach small business leaders, and to build mass awareness and promote internet marketing services. We should all benefit from their tailwind.

Founded in 1999 has been under the radar for many years, at least to me, but already has a revenue of >$120 million, and net income $19 million and quotes a total number of 2,973,000 subscribers. So they must be delivering quality products and services to meet small business needs. It will be interesting to follow their progress and see their effect on market growth, and what else they have in their bag!

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