The Social Conversation within Internet Marketing

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For Small Business implementing Social Media.... less is more!
For Small Business implementing Social Media…. less is more!

A number of people have asked me recently which Social Media Channels I would recommend for small businesses. No surprise to learn the answer is, it depends !

It depends what you want to achieve, during what period of time and what resource you have available to manage the “social conversation”. A note of caution, as with other elements of internet marketing set your goals and measure your progress, otherwise you can waste valuable time and money.

As stated in my March 2012 post…..”using Social Media less is more, select the Social Channels you believe fit your products and services with your target audience”.

Small Business tip Managing Socla Media Channels
Small Business tip Managing Social Media Channels

In the Digital Age the challenge is there is an abundance of choice, as illustrated by the inforgraphic The Conversation Prism developed by Brian Solis. The Latest version updated with new groups and networks.

The Conversation Prism

Note to Small Business owners:

– The Conversation Prism provides insight to what channels are available and depending on the product or service, which channels are more relevant to your business than others

– Social Media or the Social Conversation, is not about blatant advertising and promotion, as with any  conversation it should be about: Listening, Learning and Sharing

Listening to feedback from forums, facebook, article comments

Learning direct from potential customers in general feedback, online conversations

Sharing opinions, knowledge and information i.e. participating in the dialogue

– The key is being consistent in your business positioning & style / manner across all the different channels i.e. Website, Blog, Facebook, Linkedin

– Prepare a Plan of  Action:

  • clarify what the purpose of participation in each social channel is expected to achieve
  • set milestones and success metrics, the measure-monitor-adjust
  • remember this is not an administrative task, this requires experienced marketing creativity and disciplined execution

– With limited resources, in my few, it’s better for small businesses to excel in a limited number of social channels, each with a specific and measurable objective …..“less is more”

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