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Frequently Asked Questions on the Basics of Internet Marketing and SEO

I decided to update the information on the BASICS in Search Engine Optimization.

It can be a frustrating time for new business owners setting up a website or blog but there are a number of fundamental building blocks which must be followed, for the best results.

1. Where do you start ?

Start with a Goal / Plan for your site or blog using unique content, what do you want to achieve?

People search for great unique content (so do the search engines) that is useful and helpful for audience in a structured process, site architecture and site map so people can find what they are looking for easily / fast.

How do search engines work?

2. What do search engines look for “to assess and rank” site or blogs

Relevant informative page titles and descriptions

  • this information is provided by filling in the Meta Tags for each page: title, page description, Image Alt, headings and sub heading, key words, internal page content links.

<title> tags – keep these clear and relevant

<meta description> tags – keep these clear and relevant, though use the added space to expand on the <title> tag in a meaningful way

<alt> tags – use the field to describe an image so we can understand the content of the image

<h1> tag – helps users understand the content of a page more clearly when properly used

  • Use simple URLs related to page title and description

3. How to get Listed on Google and Bing Search Results?


4. How to improve your search results ranking?

  • Add your business to Google Places / Bing Local / Google+
  • Add photos and images supported by well written Alt Tags to describe image or photo


5. How do you keep improving / growing to reach more of target audience?

  • Know your audience and what they are looking for and how tastes / likes are changing
  • Set Goals / Metrics for your site: # unique visitors, page views, contacts, and use analytics to measure and improve
  • Update and Improve Content regularly, add “meat” and use internal links to help move through to most relevant information faster
  • Encourage Links from other quality Websites and Blogs, and Social Media to your site
  • Share information and content with others through social marketing i.e. Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Blog, YouTube, Twitter,
  • Improving use of Keywords use Google and Bing Keyword tools


6. How do I identify problems and track overall performance?

Regular Analytics reviews weekly / monthly to measure progress against goals: e.g.

  • how did visitors fine you your site or blog?
  • how many pages did they visit and for how long?
  • what pages do they visit the most?
  • which location where visitors from?

WebMaster Tools use the FREE support from Google and Bing

Verify your site or Blog with Google and Bing Webmaster Tools



Summary : Duane Forrester Bing Webmaster Tools

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