Deliver More Website Visits to Deliver More Sales Leads

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Most company business websites are neglected sales opportunities 

5 Steps to Increasing Target Traffic to our Website

Define your Target Audience and make sure you have the Content and Information on your website to interest them, keeping their interest with a call to action is the marketing goal.

Define How your Target Customers Search for your type of Products and Services and select the appropriate keywords to include in the copy and content. Search engine marketing requires a close alliance between sales and the copywriter. Who has access and controls your web site content?

Measure your Visitors with Data Analytics (check out Google Analytics, they are Free)

e.g. track the location visits come from and which pages they visit and how many visit the Contact Page vs how many send in EMail Requests for more information. Who receives copies of all web site enquiries?

Learn how Optimize your Website so Search Engines recognize your website. Assuming  the search engine optimization (SEO) is well executed you will see your website improve in the ranking of search results. With better visibility of your website (ideally 1st page on Google) for your target customers, will lead to a significant increase visits and a significant increase in your target visitors.

Make the Landing Page match the Search, it’s not just good marketing it delivers what your Potential Customers are looking for.

For more information contact John Cullen

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