Internet Marketing for small business in a Flat World 2013 – Trends are now Reality

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 New Rules for Marketing for Small Business in a Flat World (updated) 

Trends as outlined by Mary Meeker some years ago are now a reality with the shift to Social, Local and Mobile and Sharing Knowledge

    • Target segments start with dialogue with one person
    • Think Customer Needs as you build Customer-Led positioning
    • Its a Consumers Choice and Input that drives innovation through customization
    • Pricing must be Flexible in the new comparative world, dynamic like rest of marketing mix
    • 365/24/7 Communication and Distribution with Integrated supply chain
    • Advertising / Branding are now interactive
    • Information and Anayltics are knowledge creation, there are no secrets..
    • Internet Marketing – Dynamic and Global

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SUMMARY  – Small Business Competitive Advantage in a Flat World

  • Keep OPEN MIND but GET INVOLVED to be PART of the Social DYNAMICS
  • Set Goals ………..Use metrics…….Measure Improvements 
  • Focus on Competitive Advantage…..Point of Difference
  • Become the Best Knowledge source….. 
  • Find How to Help People…in Business and Social contacts….
  • Remember: Not Everything on it’s own has an ROI……Total Picture / Holistic 

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