Promoting Visibility for Positive Digital Magazine – The Social Connection

Continual improvement in internet visibility to achieve a broader coverage is a strategic imperative for one of my client’s Positive Magazine.

Positive Magazine

The Dude Positive Magazine

The Dude – Positive Magazine

Positive is a new print and digital magazine launched by “the dude” Sam Wilder, which takes a look at men and women who have chosen to follow paths in life that honor their dreams, fulfill their passions and brings happiness to the lives of others”.

Promoting Visibility for Positive Digital Magazine

So how does a new digital magazine reach its new potential global audience?

Of course the prerequisite for Positive is providing readers a fresh, eclectic range of content, but in addition it is connecting with its audience by:

  1. Search Engine Visibility – ensuring the back end structure of the content management system is optimized, title, descriptions, tags, headers etc
  2. Links – including relevant links in articles, authors, sources, blogs, social media etc
  3. Social Media Activity via Blog, Google+, twitter, Facebook, Pinterest
  4. Related Publications e.g. Positive 365 a “new best selling” companion book which provides a positive quote for every day of the year
  5. Positive Videos on its own YouTube channel

We will monitor progress as the launch builds momentum, meanwhile check out and bookmark Positive and share with friends who might enjoy reading it also.

Any ideas / feedback or for marketing advice to build online visibility contact me

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