Available: Disruptive Experienced Internet Marketing Freelance Expert in Cincinnati area

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Dysfunctional Sales and Marketing costs you money. Integrate your Marketing Plan using a marketing expert in traditional marketing and internet / digital marketing opportunities. John Cullen based in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA available for Freelance Marketing projects B2b or B2c. Want more information or request Marketing or Sales advice, please use form below. jccullen@proteusism.com  

B2B Internet Marketing Plan – Marketing Strategy Process / Framework


Developing a B2B Marketing Plan – Marketing Strategy Framework How to develop your Internet Marketing Plan for a “Win Win” customer relationship. The planning framework below provides an marketing overview of how to build a Internet Marketing Plan to promote your small business on the internet. From my perspective the key for small business is […]

InfoGraphic explaining The OnLine Marketing Funnel

Online Marketing Funnel

The following info graphic from a post on response tap was sent to me by JonnnyDempster  , after reading my recent blog on the Sales Marketing Funnel moving from Traditional to Digital. I like it for two reasons a) its an unusual eye catching format, and provides comprehensive info about “online marketing” b) the graphics also […]

Digital Marketing – The Marketing Ripple Effect -SEO and Social Media


Marketing Ripple Effect of SEO and Social Media (updated from earlier post) When talking or explaining my perspective of Marketing SEO to various business management especially small or medium size successful business entrepreneurs, at the initial client introduction, I am frequently faced with “glazed eyes” of bewilderment when I talk about Internet Digital Marketing and […]

Deliver More Website Visits to Deliver More Sales Leads

More Website Visits More Sales Leads

Most company business websites are neglected sales opportunities  5 Steps to Increasing Target Traffic to our Website Define your Target Audience and make sure you have the Content and Information on your website to interest them, keeping their interest with a call to action is the marketing goal. Define How your Target Customers Search for […]

Top Priorities in Building Website Traffic and Attracting More Business

Marketing Business Website

Marketing a Business Website Social Media Marketing / Marketing Optimization The debate continues in digital / internet marketing on where to focus and invest to maximize the benefits of the company website within Internet Marketing and Social Media to gain extra visibility. The overall key priority is the consistency of the message and positioning of […]

Internet Marketing – The Internet Small Business Opportunity Gap

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Internet Marketing – Small Business and Internet Opportunity Gap (updated from earlier post) 1. Research studies identified that consumers are actively increasing their use of the internet, where they collect and disseminate information and knowledge (Forrester Research), AND at a faster rate than business traffic. 2. This is the result of the dynamic changes and […]

The NEW B2B Buying Process and Sales Pipeline: Internet Marketing

Sales Pipeline - Change in Buyer Purchasing Process (JohnCullen)

Impact of Internet Marketing on B2B Buying Process and Sales Pipeline Overview B2B sales cold calling is disappearing  – stats quote only 30% engage in cold call, more internal sales and more online marketing. Buyers are doing more desk research online and talking to peers and colleagues, and industry forums / online conversations. Supplier “online […]

Social Media – Managing Change for Small Business

Change Cycle and Social Media

  Open Message to All Small Business Owners  Find the time to learn more about Digital Marketing and Social Media 2013 it’s now an essential part of the running a business or company. Make the SALE in 2013 a) Stop resisting the “change” For whatever reason or rationale e.g. your low tolerance and mistrust to […]

Take Control of Your On-Line Image / Profile


Control of Your On-Line Image / Visibility Managing the Perception of your On-Line Visibility Managing communication online / internet is moving fast beyond “cold data” and being “a listing in commercial directory” to a new marketing level, of how people perceive the different images, in different locations online. Moving from online search quantitative (ranking results – […]

The Benefits of the “Data Age” for Small Businesses

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“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” Albert Einstein The Olympics reminded me that we are moving faster and faster in this new “data age”. Moving faster towards a time, when we measure everything and use analytics to value our progress. In my mind business needs to strike the […]

Positioning and Targeting your Business On Line

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Positioning is what you do to the mind of the prospect.  That is, you position the product in the mind of the prospect.  [Al Ries and Jack Trout] Internet Marketing Positioning and Targeting Targeting in marketing: is how to evaluate and select, the most attractive markets for your business or product. Positioning in marketing: is […]

Housetrends Magazine – SEO and Digital Media Marketing

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Housetrends is a print and digital magazine dedicated to home and garden design, with coverage in five U.S. cities Dayton, Ohio; Cincinnati, Ohio; Tampa Bay, Florida; Columbus, Ohio; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Housetrends embraced SEO and Internet Marketing to drive more traffic to the digital issues. This year to date, the number of Unique Visitors to […]

Dental Marketing – Internet Marketing Strategy / Plan / Tips

Dentist Internet Marketing Tips 1

Dental Practice – Internet Marketing Tips / Advice The Goal – Registration New Patients It is no longer just the efficiency and effectiveness of your Dentist website but total on line visibility, and meeting the immediate needs of people who are searching for a new local Dentist. The Goal: Is to achieve a steady flow […]

Promoting Visibility for Positive Digital Magazine – The Social Connection

The Dude Positive Magazine

Continual improvement in internet visibility to achieve a broader coverage is a strategic imperative for one of my client’s Positive Magazine. Positive Magazine Positive is a new print and digital magazine launched by “the dude” Sam Wilder, which “takes a look at men and women who have chosen to follow paths in life that honor their […]

Non-Profit FREE On-Line Marketing Support

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Cool Way to Volunteer and Help Non-Profit Organizations  “Media Cause is a new online resource that connects NGOs and online marketing volunteers to collaborate on Google Grants, SEO, and social media marketing projects. NGOs can sign up for free, post online marketing “challenges” (anything from improving a Facebook profile page to optimizing an AdWords keyword […]

Creating Value on the Internet & also Making Money……

Decline in Newspapers Magazines

As the global changes of internet unfold, it feels like we are “merely players”……facing similar challenges……and unknowns Mary Meeker asks a good question“How does one create differentiated content in an economically viable manner, when few want to pay for it?” “You have to take the data and make it valuable,” Bradford (Demand Media) It’s an open […]

What happens on the Internet in 60 seconds (Part 2)

Go-Gulf.com added their version of What Happens in 60 Seconds on the Internet, with more focus on hardware and mobile….. 710 computers are sold worldwide and 555 of these computers are sold with Intel processors 1,820 TB of data is created; that’s enough data to fill up 2.6 million CDs 232 computers around the world […]

“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.” E.M Forster

Passion - Stacked Stones

Passion for today’s Digital Lifestyle The more I read and live with new digital media, the more I realize there are two distinct groups, those “that get it” and those “that don’t get it”. For me, today the common thread I notice in the new conversation that we live, is that people “that get it” […]

Internet Marketing Planning – Optimizing the New Marketing Mix

Optimizing Internet Marketing Mix

This is a good time to update  your Internet Marketing Plan, learning from last year and adjusting for new challenges. As with Traditional Marketing, your Internet Marketing Mix requires planning and coordination to get the best performance. To optimize your Internet Marketing its important to understand how your Company or Business is seen and perceived at […]