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Top 10 reasons to buy a Schwabe Straight Ram Die Cutting Press

Schwabe Press after rebuild

Originally posted on SCHWABE Die Cutting Presses – New, Used or Remanufactured by OEM:
1. The Schwabe Straight Ram SR Series design allows for full tonnage over the entire stroke of the platen unlike many other 4-Post presses 2. Side die loading is a unique option with this design while providing fast die changeover benefits…

Updated List of FREE Local Online Directories

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With grateful thanks to Hubspot  this is “The Ultimate List of Local Business Directories” http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/10322/The-Ultimate-List-50-Local-Business-Directories.aspx 1. Google 2. Bing 3. Yahoo! 4. Yelp 5. Merchant Circle 6. LinkedIn 7. YellowPages.com 9. Whitepages 10. Supermedia 11. Yellowbook 12. CitySearch 13. Mapquest 14. Biznik 15. Local.com 16. Foursquare 17. ThinkLocal 18. CitySlick 19. USYellowPages 20. SuperPages 21. Outside.in […]

Top 10 Challenges for Internet Marketing Consultant

Originally posted on Internet Marketing – Business Social Marketing:
So why is it taking so long for small and medium size businesses to realize the changes. Not only is the world flat but it appears to be spinning faster, at least things appear to be happening faster. Corporate is being challenged by smaller more energetic…

Search Engine Optimization: It’s Not Just the Words, It’s getting them in the right order!

Originally posted on Internet Marketing – Business Social Marketing:
As we provide our different views (hopefully original) on SEO and the complexities of how to optimize your website, it reminds me of a sketch from Monty Python’s Flying Circus “Great Actors”, when John Cleese (as Sir Edwin the “Great Actor”) responds to a question on…

Internet Marketing and Marketing SEO

Role of Marketing SEO

Originally posted on Internet Marketing – Business Social Marketing:
For me the key marketing & sales benefit of internet marketing is the ability to measure more effectively: a) measure your interaction with potential customers, against the key benefits & goals targeted in your marketing plan b) measure your competitive positioning and SWOT relative to your…

Marketing SEO Explained

Originally posted on Internet Marketing – Business Social Marketing:
Marketing SEO – Translation Provided After a long pause or absence I am back with this my 3rd attempt to write  and establish my  Blog Dynamic Marketing. Written “tongue in cheek” with a Marketer’s myopia at the language and hype of search engine optimization (or as…

Marketing Case Study – SME B2B Sales +250% in 3 years

Case Study of Freeman Schwabe global OEM of die cutting systems and famous SCHWABE brand.

Originally posted on Internet Marketing – Business Social Marketing:
Marketing Case Study – Small Business B2B Internet Marketing Marketing Case Study shows how a Small Business Increased sales by 250% in 3 year period AND Reduced Marketing Budget from 8.4% to 1.8% of sales revenue [gallery type="slideshow" ids="1862,1863,1864,1865,1866,1867,1868,1869,1870,1871,1872"] For more information on Marketing Consulting contact John…