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Experienced marketing professional, with over 25 years experience in global brand marketing, focused on Internet Marketing for last 8 years.
Living in Cincinnati, Ohio and working with Clients in USA and UK.
Enjoying my new internet marketing business and connecting with people and the speed of a changing world.
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Marketing and Sales Changing Skill Set

B2b Marketing.001

ITSMA carried out a survey in Nov-Dec 2015 to find out what the people believe will be the marketing skills & capabilities for a future organization. Overview of Results 87% of marketers agree marketing organizations must change significantly Data Analytics is a growing center of required expertise The recruiting sources for B2B marketing will change going […]

Brand Marketing lessons from The Masters Golf Tournament

The Masters as a Brand

Observations of the Masters brand marketing.  The Masters continues to be revered in the world of golf as the best and most prestigious annual golf tournament, but it is also admired as one of the world’s greatest sport’s brands in the world. Over time, the Augusta course has been adjusted and lengthened to meet the constant […]

What constitutes a Brand ? ….9 Criteria of Brand Essence

map brand by state

Here I list and make reference to 3 different articles which focus on explaining best practice in Brands and Branding. Brands and Branding I have always liked the term Brand Essence, and even better the phrase “the Criteria of Brand Essence” as summarized in the attached presentation by Conrad Phillips Vutech. Branding is described as….” defining, promising […]

Watch Google Video Tutorials : Google Ad Words

Internet Marketing – Understanding Basic AdWords Google has added a whole library of videos on YouTube Ad Words Learn the ABC’s Covers how to set up Google AdWords and how it works to achieve a conversion.  How to Manage your AdWords Account Principles: Structure your AdWords account Choose the right keywords Write attention-grabbing ads The right customized […]

Internet Marketing Mix – no longer the simple 4P’s

7P's Image

  Gone are the the simple 4P’s as the 4 Pillars of the Marketing Mix…. (as noted in my earlier http://marketing4optimization.com/2013/11/21/4-new-ps-added-to-internet-marketing-mix/)…. Whatever the number is, just remember to think outside the box of the traditional 4P’s  Product, Price, Place, Promotion which are the principles guiding Traditional Marketing and Sales. SmartDraw has a neat visual of the […]

Internet Marketing Plan from a Google Perspective

Tips Advice grow business online marketing

Tips and Advice on how to Grow your Business through Online Marketing Here is a useful checklist and online marketing planning tool, originally issued / copyrighted by Google in 2011. The full content is available at Google User Content.  Although a lot has changed in 4 years, and despite being somewhat biased to Google’s strengths online, it […]

Mobile Video Advertising growth BIG OPPORTUNITY for Small Business

chart growth

The 2 Major Trends already happening in 2015 1. Huge Growth in Mobile usage – research companies claim Mobile is already almost 33% of all web traffic ). 2. Huge Growth in Video Ad spending – with technology improving access & quality of buying video ads and speed of investment in video advertising companies…. Video Advertising Buying […]