On-Line Visibility Benefits of Writing a Blog (vs Website)

Book of Kells“Advertising says to people, ‘Here’s what we’ve got. Here’s what it will do for you. Here’s how to get it.” Leo Burnett

Advertising Your Business through On-Line Visibility

Small Businesses need to continually advertise and communicate their business products or services, to maintain / increase awareness and to extend the coverage to reach their target audience. Small business can achieve this for FREE,  by effectively managing their on-line visibility.

Writing a Blog to complement the company website or as your  main internet communication / connection, can gain you and your business significant on-line visibility i.e. advertising.

Keeping up to date on business issues, changing acronyms and the ongoing dynamic Google algorithm scenario, makes writing a Blog more relevant and effective to promote your business on-line.

The website has developed into the “business catalog” for Medium to Large businesses displaying everything in one place, and generally with a dedicated staff or employee / consultant to ensure its kept in order and up to date for best search rankings and optimizing conversion rates.

For most Small to Medium size businesses the website is a “must have” the modern version of  distributing a business card, displaying the company image, products and services and contact details, but unfortunately the website is low on the priority list at this point and treated like a “duty” for most fledgling business operations.

So why write a Blog as well to support your business?

On-Visibility benefits of Writing a Blog

1. Speed - Blog Posts are generally listed in search results within hours. Changes or updates to websites generally take 4 -5 days to be indexed and listed in search, but still 60 – 70% of visits will be to the Home Page not the update.

2. Tone / Image - Blog posts can be informative  and more personal, and interactive.

3. Subject Specific - Posts can be targeted to a specific audience or subject and will appear in search results on that subject.

4. Search Results – The Goal is to achieve maximum share of on-line search visibility, gaining extra listings, gaining share of the results page means greater reach and increased awareness by your audience.

5. Promoting “the short term” - Blogs can promote short term messages and announcements, maybe not suited to changing or updating web pages e.g. special promotions, new product launches, price deals.

6. Softer Sell - as with my own Blog, it’s free information and advice, it communicates beyond just outlining my services and my skills, it allows me to take a point of view and hopefully connect with people or a person, a website tends to be a more direct business approach – hard selling, with the focus on converting the Visitor, to Buyer.

7. Testing - testing Keywords and Key Topics in a Blog allows you to “Test” the reaction of search engines in listings and the response in views.

8. Promoting Niche Products & Services - over promoting niche subjects on a website, can alter the business positioning and message of your website with search engine robots, a Blog can provide information on niche, lower priority or even seasonal products / services on your independently from the website.

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