The NEW B2B Buying Process and Sales Pipeline: Internet Marketing

Sales Pipeline - Change in Buyer Purchasing Process (JohnCullen)

Impact of Internet Marketing on B2B Buying Process and Sales Pipeline Overview B2B sales cold calling is disappearing  – stats quote only 30% engage in cold call, more internal sales and more online marketing. Buyers are doing more desk research online and talking to peers and colleagues, and industry forums / online conversations. Supplier “online […]

Social Media – Managing Change for Small Business

Social Media – Managing Change for Small Business.

Social Media – Managing Change for Small Business

Change Cycle and Social Media

  Open Message to All Small Business Owners  Find the time to learn more about Digital Marketing and Social Media 2013 it’s now an essential part of the running a business or company. Make the SALE in 2013 a) Stop resisting the “change” For whatever reason or rationale e.g. your low tolerance and mistrust to […]

Diffusion of Internet Marketing will cost Small Business Owners…….


Internet Marketing is being adopted by the Early Majority The Everett Rogers Diffusion of innovations theory – for any given product category, there are five categories of product adopters Innovators – venturesome, educated, multiple info sources; Early adopters – social leaders, popular, educated; Early majority – deliberate, many informal social contacts; Late majority – skeptical, […]