4 NEW P’s added to Internet Marketing Mix

4 P's

The Traditional 4P’s Need Updating Product, Price, Place, Promotion are the principles guiding Traditional Marketing and Sales. The 4 Additional P’s for Internet Marketing Communications POSITIONING  “Be Different…..Innovate” PEOPLE “Connect with your Audience and Internal Organization” PARTICIPATE  “Join the Conversation and…. Adapt to Change” PROCESS “Measure…………Improve…to Manage Complexity”

How to Market your Small Business OnLine…Helpful Links and Free Advice

Marketing OnLine Sales Funnel

It appears majority of small businesses continue to miss out on marketing and selling their business online. 97% of U.S. Internet users look online for local goods and services…… “Businesses that are online are growing faster. Yet 58% of US small businesses do not have a website”. Here are some 5 helpful links to help […]

Internet Marketing for small business in a Flat World 2013 – Trends are now Reality

Internet Trends of 2 years ago are now a REAL opportunity for small business.

 New Rules for Marketing for Small Business in a Flat World (updated)  Trends as outlined by Mary Meeker some years ago are now a reality with the shift to Social, Local and Mobile and Sharing Knowledge Target segments start with dialogue with one person Think Customer Needs as you build Customer-Led positioning Its a Consumers Choice and Input that drives […]

B2B Internet Marketing Plan – Marketing Strategy Process / Framework


Developing a B2B Marketing Plan – Marketing Strategy Framework How to develop your Internet Marketing Plan for a “Win Win” customer relationship. The planning framework below provides an marketing overview of how to build a Internet Marketing Plan to promote your small business on the internet. From my perspective the key for small business is […]

Digital Marketing – The Marketing Ripple Effect -SEO and Social Media


Marketing Ripple Effect of SEO and Social Media (updated from earlier post) When talking or explaining my perspective of Marketing SEO to various business management especially small or medium size successful business entrepreneurs, at the initial client introduction, I am frequently faced with “glazed eyes” of bewilderment when I talk about Internet Digital Marketing and […]

Top Priorities in Building Website Traffic and Attracting More Business

Marketing Business Website

Marketing a Business Website Social Media Marketing / Marketing Optimization The debate continues in digital / internet marketing on where to focus and invest to maximize the benefits of the company website within Internet Marketing and Social Media to gain extra visibility. The overall key priority is the consistency of the message and positioning of […]

Selecting Keywords – Marketing Optimization Tip

Harbour in Aghios Nickolas (beside Stoupa)

Frequently asked question in a conversation on SEO is: How Do You Select the Keywords? The quick answer is Research, and Ongoing Research…… 1. Business Proposition and Positioning – It always starts with business / positioning and proposition to potential customers. 2. Confirm how your internet marketing plan works in synergy i.e. Website /SEO / […]

Re-Imagine your Marketing Budget for Lower Costs Higher Sales

Mary Meeker

The Re-Imagination of Nearly Everything Mary Meeker is a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and former Managing Director at Morgan Stanley and is regarded as “the Queen of the Net”. Mary Meeker  has a neat way of identifying & presenting significant data / metrics which she then uses to prove the NEW realities in […]

Social Media – Managing Change for Small Business

Change Cycle and Social Media

  Open Message to All Small Business Owners  Find the time to learn more about Digital Marketing and Social Media 2013 it’s now an essential part of the running a business or company. Make the SALE in 2013 a) Stop resisting the “change” For whatever reason or rationale e.g. your low tolerance and mistrust to […]

The Speed of the Internet (1) What happens in 60 Seconds and counting?

What Happens on the Internet in 60 seconds (Part 2)

Infographic by- Shanghai Web Designers Search engine Google serves more that 694,445 queries 6,600+ pictures are uploaded on Flickr 600 videos are uploaded on YouTube videos, amounting to 25+ hours of content 695,000 status updates, 79,364 wall posts and 510,040 comments are published on Social Networking site Facebook 70 New domains are registered 168,000,000+ emails are […]

10 Online Visibility Basic Tips – Help Search Engines Find Your Site


The RULES: From the Search Engines Perspective   Considering the importance of the “guidelines” the search engines do not label or signpost this information very well. “Webmaster Tools” sounds very high-tech, when in reality these are the basic steps to get visibility online. I regard these as the given “marketing environment”  to learn the game […]

Mobile is the future…for Google at present

Smartphone Usage

Mobile is becoming an essential business tool as Smartphone ownership grows rapidly. Google mobile growth is “mind boggling”…..look at the latest data on Android which is the leading smartphone operating system Total Android devices  in market globally: 300 million Daily activations: 850,000 Android apps: 450,000 Android tablets: 12 million While Google dominates the smart phone operating system with […]

Website Structure – Site Map Planning “Slickplan”

Slickplan Site Map

I started planning the sturture for my new website, and I am using slickplan which is a neat planning tool and Free! Great for laying out site maps (and flow charts) New website will shift positioning of my services more to Internet Marketing Online Visibility and Sales Leads, compared to just SEO. This is first go […]

Internet Marketing Funnel Process: Converting to Sales


Why is Small Business slow to adopt Internet Marketing? The answer, in my view, is because the Technical “Gurus” like complexity, it makes them feel special and knowledgeable, unfortunately this complexity adds liitle value to the business process and restricts adoption. This is what made Steve Jobs so special and why he was different, he […]

10 Tips / Growth Trends for Small Business to Optimize Internet Marketing in 2012

2012 and Beyond

2011 – Internet Marketing Opportunities created  Internet Marketing went through significant change in 2011 and provides fresh opportunities for business entrepreneurs. Google Panda search results ranking alogrithm change – improved the quality in search results Continued growth in SoLoMo across the Internet – confirmed that internet marketing is much broader than SEO and website marketing Social […]

How to Manage Your Brand / Company Image across the Internet – Part 1

Internet Marketing Brand Strategy matrix farmework - John Cullen

Manage your Internet Brand Image: Maximize Positives, Minimize Negatives It is now critically important to become involved and participate in internet marketing and to identify which media and social platforms have the biggest influence on your marketplace competitors brand  / company image The Purpose of the Internet Marketing Brand Strategy The goal and purpose of […]

Hotel Internet Marketing – Coupon Promotions – Groupon vs TravelZoo?


Which Discount Promotional Offers are most Effective? Oxfordshire Hotels in UK have run a number of promotions with both Groupon and TravelZoo and favor TravelZoo because: Direct Bookings with Hotels improves cash flow TravelZoo has well coordinated marketing support Groupon insist on offering really low prices, which cut deep into margin Groupon at least in […]

Freeman Schwabe – B2B Blog – a Growing Success

Check out the Freeman Schwabe Machinery Blog The Freeman Schwabe Blog only dates back to March 2011, but already has had a significant impact and contribution to Freeman Schwabe business. The Blog continues to grow and has provided an increase in qualified visitors/ referrals to the Freeman Schwabe website as well as direct contacts looking for […]

Google Top 10 “rules” for SEO and why you should use them.

Google SEO Top 10 “Rules” and “Guidelines” and Marketing SEO advice on why to use them 1. Create Unique Accurate Page Titles Each page should contain unique content and the title should accurately reflect that, and each of these titles should support the website overall “positioning” therefore they should all be consistent and make sense […]

Marketing SEO Tips for Artist Websites 

"You Are Here" by Greg Storer

Checklist for Artists – How to Increase Qualified Visits to your Website Artist Marketing: Positioning, Background and Planning Decide on who you are and what you do e.g. the personality and style of your art, and what you want to communicate through your paintings and drawings. List the profile and type of people who like and […]