How to Market your Small Business OnLine…Helpful Links and Free Advice

Marketing OnLine Sales Funnel

It appears majority of small businesses continue to miss out on marketing and selling their business online. 97% of U.S. Internet users look online for local goods and services…… “Businesses that are online are growing faster. Yet 58% of US small businesses do not have a website”. Here are some 5 helpful links to help […]

Timely reminder…by Seth Godin…”it’s about the Purple Cow”

purple cow

This Blog has evolved from general internet marketing, to SEO, to brand positioning and got lost in it’s own purpose and goal, like many other businesses. The Blog’s main purpose was to collect my thoughts on “changes in marketing” and “what impressed me about the new marketing opportunities”, for me, and others that might be […]

Ευκαιρίες Internet Marketing και Marketing εξαγωγών προς τις ΗΠΑ


Μετά την θέση μου για τις ευκαιρίες Marketing Ελεύθερος επαγγελματίας στην Ελλάδα, Ψάχνω να συνεργαστεί με έναν Έλληνα Διαδίκτυο Οργανισμός Σύμβουλος / για να συζητήσουν τη συνεργασία σχετικά με τις ευκαιρίες μάρκετινγκ Διαδικτύου. [Μετάφραση κειμένου από το Google Translate I, συγγνώμη για οποιαδήποτε κακή γραμματική ή τη χρήση της γλώσσας.] Όραση Για τη δημιουργία μιας […]

Internet Marketing for small business in a Flat World 2013 – Trends are now Reality

Internet Trends of 2 years ago are now a REAL opportunity for small business.

 New Rules for Marketing for Small Business in a Flat World (updated)  Trends as outlined by Mary Meeker some years ago are now a reality with the shift to Social, Local and Mobile and Sharing Knowledge Target segments start with dialogue with one person Think Customer Needs as you build Customer-Led positioning Its a Consumers Choice and Input that drives […]

Leadership Skills – Adapting and Implementing Social Marketing / Technologies

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It’s interesting to watch the evolving process of incorporating Social Media and Internet / Digital Marketing into the larger established businesses and organizations, and translating this to the opportunities and learnings that exist for Small to Medium size companies. McKinsey just published their latest Global Survey Results, which shows increased adoption of the new social […]

Digital Marketing – The Marketing Ripple Effect -SEO and Social Media


Marketing Ripple Effect of SEO and Social Media (updated from earlier post) When talking or explaining my perspective of Marketing SEO to various business management especially small or medium size successful business entrepreneurs, at the initial client introduction, I am frequently faced with “glazed eyes” of bewilderment when I talk about Internet Digital Marketing and […]

10 Basic Tips to improve the Marketing and Search Results of your business Website

Olive Trees Kardamyli Greece

How to improve the quality and performance of your website / blog Rethink the purpose of your business website and other touch points with potential customers through the internet or digital media. Brand marketing and positioning / architecture requires all business materials and actions should be consistent and work in synergy, and be focused on […]

Top Priorities in Building Website Traffic and Attracting More Business

Marketing Business Website

Marketing a Business Website Social Media Marketing / Marketing Optimization The debate continues in digital / internet marketing on where to focus and invest to maximize the benefits of the company website within Internet Marketing and Social Media to gain extra visibility. The overall key priority is the consistency of the message and positioning of […]

Internet Marketing – The Internet Small Business Opportunity Gap

Proteus TARGET Icon

Internet Marketing – Small Business and Internet Opportunity Gap (updated from earlier post) 1. Research studies identified that consumers are actively increasing their use of the internet, where they collect and disseminate information and knowledge (Forrester Research), AND at a faster rate than business traffic. 2. This is the result of the dynamic changes and […]

Social Media – Managing Change for Small Business

Change Cycle and Social Media

  Open Message to All Small Business Owners  Find the time to learn more about Digital Marketing and Social Media 2013 it’s now an essential part of the running a business or company. Make the SALE in 2013 a) Stop resisting the “change” For whatever reason or rationale e.g. your low tolerance and mistrust to […]

Successful resource allocation starts with “what is the goal”?.

The Internet a decade later

“If you don’t where you are going, any road will get  you there” Allocation of our time both personal and business in this digital age, is proving to be a significant challenge. We are literally “spoilt for choice” which can make decision making more difficult and slower. Knowing what you want to achieve, makes decision making […]

Social Media Insights – Research on Metrics for Facebook Advertising

Facebook Digital Marketing

Social Marketing Metrics – Research Study While the findings of the Social Media metrics research by Resolution Media and Kenshoo Social are not earth shattering, they are worth reviewing before developing a Social Media Plan by advertising on Facebook. [The dataset examined for this report spans nearly 65 billion Facebook ad impressions and 20 million Facebook ad […]

The Benefits of the “Data Age” for Small Businesses

Disney - Alice in Wonderland Rabbit

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” Albert Einstein The Olympics reminded me that we are moving faster and faster in this new “data age”. Moving faster towards a time, when we measure everything and use analytics to value our progress. In my mind business needs to strike the […]

Improving Visitors Web Site Experience: Case Study Example

Freeman Schwabe Website View

Working as a self employed consultant, its been enjoyable working as a member of a team the last few months designing and building a new creative and improved web site for Freeman Schwabe. The team included the Freeman Schwabe IS manager David Eytchison and Ron Adams IT engineer consultant and owner of the Constellation Media […]

Improved On-Line Visibility helps Freeman Schwabe to sell to the World

Congratulations to our client Freeman Schwabe Schwabe as a Global OEM manufacturers Die Cutting and Compression Molding Presses in Cincinnati, USA. Greg DeFisher as President of Freeman Schwabe Machinery in Cincinnati was interviewed last week by Channel 9 News part of the ABC News Network in USA. Freeman Schwabe made the headlines on Channel […]

Small Business – Managing Social Media Channels

Small Business tip Managing Socla Media Channels

Following on from my previous post on Social Media, managing the effectiveness of each channel is key for small businesses with limited resources. In my view for small business using Social Media less is more, select the Social Channels you believe fit your products and services with your target audience. Each channel provides an opportunity […]

Small Business Tip – Managing your Social Channels

Social Media – Managing your Social Channels Social Media, i.e. Facebook, twitter, Flickr, YouTube etc is obviously a key support strategy for any business today but selecting the most effective social media and the most efficient with limited resources, is crucial to avoid being overwhelmed. In my view, less is more for a small organization, […]

Set up for FREE Listing on Google Places / Maps

Google Places

 How to set up your FREE Business Listing on Google Places and Maps Google Places does more than just put your business address on a map. Once you claim your business location and verify the basic information with Google your business listing on your Google Places page can provide: business details including website link and email […]

Mobile is the future…for Google at present

Smartphone Usage

Mobile is becoming an essential business tool as Smartphone ownership grows rapidly. Google mobile growth is “mind boggling”…..look at the latest data on Android which is the leading smartphone operating system Total Android devices  in market globally: 300 million Daily activations: 850,000 Android apps: 450,000 Android tablets: 12 million While Google dominates the smart phone operating system with […]

Consistency across On-Line Visibility – Building Brand Marketing Architecture

Brand Architecture Online Visibility Infographic

Consistency across On-Line Visibility One of the key elements of building a distinctive on-line brand is consistency in the information, copy, content and images of the brand that people see on-line. To help develop a unique competitive position and select which Social Media sites are most relevant to your company / business brand, you should […]