10 Basic Tips to improve the Marketing and Search Results of your business Website

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How to improve the quality and performance of your website / blog Rethink the purpose of your business website and other touch points with potential customers through the internet or digital media. Brand marketing and positioning / architecture requires all business materials and actions should be consistent and work in synergy, and be focused on […]

Selecting Keywords – Marketing Optimization Tip

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Frequently asked question in a conversation on SEO is: How Do You Select the Keywords? The quick answer is Research, and Ongoing Research…… 1. Business Proposition and Positioning – It always starts with business / positioning and proposition to potential customers. 2. Confirm how your internet marketing plan works in synergy i.e. Website /SEO / […]

Basic Marketing SEO Checklist for Website On-Line Visibility

Marketing Positioning

Dynamic Marketing SEO As the internet continues to rapidly change and evolve, especially with the influence of Social Media, its important that we remember the basics to achieve online visibility of a website. The key point to remember is, that it’s not just the mechanics of SEO that I list below, that will make your […]

YouTube – Marketing Benefits for Small Business

YouTube – Statistics 48 hours of video are uploaded every minute, resulting in nearly 8 years of content uploaded every day Over 3 billion videos are viewed a day, 800M unique users visit YouTube each month YouTube’s demographic is broad: 18-54 years old • Nearly 17 million people have connected their YouTube account to at […]

Analyzing Top Line Data in Google Analytics Efficiently

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“Paralysis by Analysis” advice for the Data-holic! I find it easy to waste time or at least lose track of time, while working on my laptop, but especially when I am using Google Analytics. There always seems to be one more statistic which fascinates me, and pulls me in to ask one more question, which […]

Google Top 10 “rules” for SEO and why you should use them.

Google SEO Top 10 “Rules” and “Guidelines” and Marketing SEO advice on why to use them 1. Create Unique Accurate Page Titles Each page should contain unique content and the title should accurately reflect that, and each of these titles should support the website overall “positioning” therefore they should all be consistent and make sense […]

10 Marketing SEO Benefits of Writing a Business Blog

10 Benefits of writing a Business Blog

10 Marketing SEO Benefits of writing a Blog  Speed of indexing by search engines, posts go live within hours of publishing  More Visibility on relevant search pages  Higher % Share results on the search page results  Organic search visits increase  Links to your website and other related information, means more traffic  Authority recognition increases with search […]

2011 Marketing SEO – Hot Tips for Small Business Websites

SEO Tips 2011

A Winning Year! I believe 2011 is going to be a great year……and not just for Irish rugby, i.e. when Ireland win the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand! It’s also going to be a great year for my small business and yours! Begin the year by setting up a winning strategy for your business […]

Medical Centre Website – New Client – SEO Case Study (1)

Work with a new client started some 4 weeks ago. We are implementing an Internet SEO Marketing Plan for a Medical Centre [Doctors Family General Practice] in Dublin, Ireland. As the job / project progresses, I intend to keep a blog diary (with client approval) to highlight the SEO Marketing opportunities and milestones. From my […]

SEO – Small and Medium Size Business Research

My jaw is still against my chest, after reading the 2010 UK Website – SEO Study of 1,001 SME (small medium enterprises) websites and compared them against a range of SEO criteria. 70% of companies researched have less than 50 employees, and they either have no SEO or very basic optimisation of their website 12% […]

Internet Marketing and Marketing SEO

Role of Marketing SEO

For me the key marketing & sales benefit of internet marketing is the ability to measure more effectively: a) measure your interaction with potential customers, against the key benefits & goals targeted in your marketing plan b) measure your competitive positioning and SWOT relative to your own website, using a Marketing SEO Scorecard to measure […]

Search Engine Optimization: It’s Not Just the Words, It’s getting them in the right order!

Monty Python and SEO

As we provide our different views (hopefully original) on SEO and the complexities of how to optimize your website, it reminds me of a sketch from Monty Python’s Flying Circus “Great Actors”, when John Cleese (as Sir Edwin the “Great Actor”) responds to a question on the number of words in Othello and Hamlet. Sir […]

Break Down the Walls – Writing Tips for Better Marketing

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General tips for better business copywriting emphasizes that each business communication must have a goal and call to action and should be copy original, and consistent.