Deliver More Website Visits to Deliver More Sales Leads

More Website Visits More Sales Leads

Most company business websites are neglected sales opportunities  5 Steps to Increasing Target Traffic to our Website Define your Target Audience and make sure you have the Content and Information on your website to interest them, keeping their interest with a call to action is the marketing goal. Define How your Target Customers Search for […]

10 Basic Tips to improve the Marketing and Search Results of your business Website

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How to improve the quality and performance of your website / blog Rethink the purpose of your business website and other touch points with potential customers through the internet or digital media. Brand marketing and positioning / architecture requires all business materials and actions should be consistent and work in synergy, and be focused on […]

Top Priorities in Building Website Traffic and Attracting More Business

Marketing Business Website

Marketing a Business Website Social Media Marketing / Marketing Optimization The debate continues in digital / internet marketing on where to focus and invest to maximize the benefits of the company website within Internet Marketing and Social Media to gain extra visibility. The overall key priority is the consistency of the message and positioning of […]

Internet Marketing – The Internet Small Business Opportunity Gap

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Internet Marketing – Small Business and Internet Opportunity Gap (updated from earlier post) 1. Research studies identified that consumers are actively increasing their use of the internet, where they collect and disseminate information and knowledge (Forrester Research), AND at a faster rate than business traffic. 2. This is the result of the dynamic changes and […]

Selecting Keywords – Marketing Optimization Tip

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Frequently asked question in a conversation on SEO is: How Do You Select the Keywords? The quick answer is Research, and Ongoing Research…… 1. Business Proposition and Positioning – It always starts with business / positioning and proposition to potential customers. 2. Confirm how your internet marketing plan works in synergy i.e. Website /SEO / […]

Improve Visibility in Search Results: Promote your website or blog

Frequently Asked Questions on the Basics of Internet Marketing and SEO I decided to update the information on the BASICS in Search Engine Optimization. It can be a frustrating time for new business owners setting up a website or blog but there are a number of fundamental building blocks which must be followed, for the […]

Optimizing Google AdWords

Google AdWords – Account Campaigns Whether your an agency or small business, this is a great video seminar on Ad Words hosted by Google. Creates an ironic smile, to see Google “word stuffing” the presentation with the word “optimizing”. Getting ready to implement some local political advertising campaigns, so will update latest knowledge on Ad […]

Latest advice from Google Webmaster Blog on SEO

“‘If everybody minded their own business,’ the Duchess said, in a hoarse growl, ‘the world would go around a great deal faster than it does.’” - Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland In today’s Google Webmaster Blog “SEO Essentials for Start Ups in under 10minutes” . While it’s a good summary, it is very broad, but useful to understand Google’s […]

Traditional Marketing 10P’s+ for Internet Marketing

Positioning of product or service by channel – the core of Marketing SEO Product of quality, rich content and optimized Placement achieved by integrated channel presence for on-line visibility Promote through Ad Words, EMail, PR Web Price sensitivity, and flexibility to be competitive Plan quality content across different internet channels People connect with your audience Participate in […]

Google and Changing Rules of SEO – What’s Next?

#1Rule of SEO and Internet Visibility: The Rules are always changing. Key SEO Changes The Google “Panda” algorithm change in May 2011 was said at the time to be only one of around 500 search improvements to be made, in its continued focus on “high quality sites”. The “Penguin” algorithm change made by Google in […]

Improved On-Line Visibility helps Freeman Schwabe to sell to the World

Congratulations to our client Freeman Schwabe Schwabe as a Global OEM manufacturers Die Cutting and Compression Molding Presses in Cincinnati, USA. Greg DeFisher as President of Freeman Schwabe Machinery in Cincinnati was interviewed last week by Channel 9 News part of the ABC News Network in USA. Freeman Schwabe made the headlines on Channel […]

“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.” E.M Forster

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Passion for today’s Digital Lifestyle The more I read and live with new digital media, the more I realize there are two distinct groups, those “that get it” and those “that don’t get it”. For me, today the common thread I notice in the new conversation that we live, is that people “that get it” […]

Basic Marketing SEO Checklist for Website On-Line Visibility

Marketing Positioning

Dynamic Marketing SEO As the internet continues to rapidly change and evolve, especially with the influence of Social Media, its important that we remember the basics to achieve online visibility of a website. The key point to remember is, that it’s not just the mechanics of SEO that I list below, that will make your […]

Website Structure – Site Map Planning “Slickplan”

Slickplan Site Map

I started planning the sturture for my new website, and I am using slickplan which is a neat planning tool and Free! Great for laying out site maps (and flow charts) New website will shift positioning of my services more to Internet Marketing Online Visibility and Sales Leads, compared to just SEO. This is first go […]

10 Tips / Growth Trends for Small Business to Optimize Internet Marketing in 2012

2012 and Beyond

2011 – Internet Marketing Opportunities created  Internet Marketing went through significant change in 2011 and provides fresh opportunities for business entrepreneurs. Google Panda search results ranking alogrithm change – improved the quality in search results Continued growth in SoLoMo across the Internet – confirmed that internet marketing is much broader than SEO and website marketing Social […]

Analyzing Top Line Data in Google Analytics Efficiently

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“Paralysis by Analysis” advice for the Data-holic! I find it easy to waste time or at least lose track of time, while working on my laptop, but especially when I am using Google Analytics. There always seems to be one more statistic which fascinates me, and pulls me in to ask one more question, which […]

New web site – Now Indexed and Live!

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The new web site is live and ready to compete in the tough UK marketplace. Just in time for “the season” of coughs / colds and sore throats! UltraChloraseptic is great product which actually works, as it says it should. Now, there’s a novelty! Great brand! Interesting to see how fast the SEO changes impact consumer […]

Google Top 10 “rules” for SEO and why you should use them.

Google SEO Top 10 “Rules” and “Guidelines” and Marketing SEO advice on why to use them 1. Create Unique Accurate Page Titles Each page should contain unique content and the title should accurately reflect that, and each of these titles should support the website overall “positioning” therefore they should all be consistent and make sense […]

Improve Website Search Visibility with Google….


Submit your Website for Review…SEO Tip! Time and again people omit the most important step to get better search results, you need to tell Google that your website exists. You should also advise Google of the latest updates, so all your website URL’s are reviewed and indexed. How? Send information about your website to Google […]

Marketing SEO Tips for Artist Websites 

"You Are Here" by Greg Storer

Checklist for Artists – How to Increase Qualified Visits to your Website Artist Marketing: Positioning, Background and Planning Decide on who you are and what you do e.g. the personality and style of your art, and what you want to communicate through your paintings and drawings. List the profile and type of people who like and […]