Digital Marketing the Point of Difference vs Sales Push Marketing


“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” — Theodore Levitt Digital Marketing Mindset From my own experience coming up with great ideas is easy, the skill to make them happen and succeed is more elusive and much harder work. Just as the digital marketing age has brought abundance of creativity & […]

Useful Marketing Tools and Links to help Improve Your Business

Manage Your Own Marketing – Marketing Tools / Links 1. Metrics and Measurement Web Analytics allows you to measure and track how your customers interact with your website. Google Analytics – add code to your website to track and analyze website Facebook Insights – the only tool you will need if using Facebook for your business […]

Digital Marketing – The Marketing Ripple Effect -SEO and Social Media


Marketing Ripple Effect of SEO and Social Media (updated from earlier post) When talking or explaining my perspective of Marketing SEO to various business management especially small or medium size successful business entrepreneurs, at the initial client introduction, I am frequently faced with “glazed eyes” of bewilderment when I talk about Internet Digital Marketing and […]

Top Priorities in Building Website Traffic and Attracting More Business

Marketing Business Website

Marketing a Business Website Social Media Marketing / Marketing Optimization The debate continues in digital / internet marketing on where to focus and invest to maximize the benefits of the company website within Internet Marketing and Social Media to gain extra visibility. The overall key priority is the consistency of the message and positioning of […]

Internet Marketing – The Internet Small Business Opportunity Gap

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Internet Marketing – Small Business and Internet Opportunity Gap (updated from earlier post) 1. Research studies identified that consumers are actively increasing their use of the internet, where they collect and disseminate information and knowledge (Forrester Research), AND at a faster rate than business traffic. 2. This is the result of the dynamic changes and […]

The Internet – 10 Years After

the internet a_decade_later

“Time moves fast, unless you are serving it”  (Malcolm Forbes) Check out the changes and developments of the Internet 2002 to 2012  

Improved On-Line Visibility helps Freeman Schwabe to sell to the World

Congratulations to our client Freeman Schwabe Schwabe as a Global OEM manufacturers Die Cutting and Compression Molding Presses in Cincinnati, USA. Greg DeFisher as President of Freeman Schwabe Machinery in Cincinnati was interviewed last week by Channel 9 News part of the ABC News Network in USA. Freeman Schwabe made the headlines on Channel […]