10 Tips / Growth Trends for Small Business to Optimize Internet Marketing in 2012

2012 and Beyond

2011 – Internet Marketing Opportunities created 

Internet Marketing went through significant change in 2011 and provides fresh opportunities for business entrepreneurs.

  • Google Panda search results ranking alogrithm change – improved the quality in search results
  • Continued growth in SoLoMo across the Internet – confirmed that internet marketing is much broader than SEO and website marketing
    • Social
    • Local 
    • Mobile

2012 – Internet Marketing – 10 Tips / Trends

2012 and Beyond

2012 and Beyond !

1. Successful on line Search is still focused on helpful information (relevant and unique)

- Providing solutions with quality content marketing

2. Analytics and Webmaster Tools

- Avoid “paralysis by analysis” – set your targets and measure – it continues to be all about Conversion to Contact or RFQ

- Know your customers and what attracts visitors and making them stay

3. Positioning is Everything

- It continues to be more and more evident that it’s impossible to be “all things to everybody”

- Matt Cutts (Google) Sept 2011: “If you concentrate on a very specific niche, you can outrank the big guys”

 4. Social Networking makes it Personal

- Search is becoming more personal as socializing is the new media platform.

 5. Referrals and Reviews 

- Feedback (Reviews / Comments) through all online / internet interfaces is critical, to improve as well as improved visibility

- Consumers and Google love reviews, Google’s will continue to do a better job marketing Google +

6. Mobile 

- Mobile usage increased 4 fold in 2011, and continues to grow, most people will interface with internet in the hand rather than at a desk

- One out of every three mobile searches has a local intent.

 7. Local

- One in five searches has a local intent.

- Local Listings …..critical…….Local Listings + reviews even better  (build a additional presence on sites such as Citysearch and Yelp)

8. Multi On-Line Presence

- Not only about the website: Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Yelp, Google Maps / Places etc

- It’s about the quality of the presence / information and consistency

9. Writing a Blog adds Value

- Essential for Speed, Flexibility, Customer / reader Response, and Share of Search Results

10. Dynamic Internet Marketing is becoming More Dynamic

- Means constant change and regular review of competitors activities is essential

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