Internet Marketing in a Flat World

Small Business Competitive Advantage in a Mobile Flat World

Recent presenation on the challenges and opportunities of Internet Marketing and SEO in the current Mobile Flat World

Acknowledgements to Thomas Friedman author of The World is Flat and Mary Meeker now a a partner at the Silicon Valley venture capital firm of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Globalization 1.0 (1492-1800): With exploration the kingdoms in Europe pursued global expansion that included discovering and controlling international trade.

Globalization 2.0 (1800 – 2000): Multinationals followed their countries and took over international trade.

Globalization 3.0 (2000- ): Individuals of diverse backgrounds able to collaborate and compete globally and mobile / wireless speeding up change.

With Globalization 3.0, “playing field” has been leveled

 New Rules for Marketing in the Flat World

Target segments start with dialogue with one person

Think Customer Needs as build Customer-Led positioning

Global Branding now live in the portfolio

Its a Consumers Choice and Input to innovation through customization

Pricing must be Flexible in the new comparative world, dynamic like rest of marketing mix

365/24/7 Communication and Distribution with Integrated supply chain

Advertising / Branding as interactive and integrated marketing, communication, education and entertainment

Marketing Research is knowledge creation, there are no secrets

Scale allows experimentation to learn from mistakes!

New Business Strategy process and struggle …….where is IT?

New Organizational Structure – brand, internet, website, marketing – who manages what? A role for a “Chief Integration Officer”?

Internet Marketing - Dynamic and Global 

SUMMARY  - Small Business Competitive Advantage in a Flat World



Set Goals ………..Use metrics…….Measure Improvements 

Focus on Competitive Advantage…..Point of Difference

Find the Best Knowledge Source…..keep up to date with changes & opportunities

Find How to Help People…in Business and Social….

Not Everything on it’s own has an ROI……Total Picture / Holistic 

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Deliver More Website Visits to Deliver More Sales Leads

More Website Visits More Sales Leads

More Website Visits More Sales Leads


Most company business websites are neglected sales opportunities, Search Engine Marketing delivers more people to your website and converts more Visitors to Sales leads.

5 Steps to Increasing Target Traffic to our Website

Define your Target Audience and make sure you have the Content and Information on your website to interest them, keeping their interest with a call to action is the marketing goal.

Define How your Target Customers Search for your type of Products and Services and select the appropriate keywords to include in the copy and content. Search engine marketing requires a close alliance between sales and the copywriter. Who has access and controls your web site content?

Measure your Visitors with Data Analytics (check out Google Analytics, they are Free)

e.g. track the location visits come from and which pages they visit and how many visit the Contact Page vs how many send in EMail Requests for more information. Who receives copies of all web site enquiries?

Learn how Optimize your Website so Search Engines recognize your website. Assuming  the search engine optimization (SEO) is well executed you will see your website improve in the ranking of search results. With better visibility of your website (ideally 1st page on Google) for your target customers, will lead to a significant increase visits and a significant increase in your target visitors.

Make the Landing Page match the Search, it’s not just good marketing it delivers what your Potential Customers are looking for.

For more information contact John Cullen

2011 Marketing SEO – Hot Tips for Small Business Websites

SEO Tips 2011

World Cup Rugby Logo 2011

A Winning Year!

I believe 2011 is going to be a great year……and not just for Irish rugby, i.e. when Ireland win the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand!

It’s also going to be a great year for my small business and yours!

Begin the year by setting up a winning strategy for your business to beat the Competition in 2011, by exploiting what Internet Marketing has to offer for your business. Lower Marketing costs, drive more traffic to your web site and get more sales leads. Your competitors are planning to do just that.

So here are some Marketing SEO tips to help your business planning to make 2011 a winning year:

1. Dig into your data analytics and check out what worked effectively in your SEO and Ad Words / Pay per Click Campaigns or Internet Marketing projects in 2010. Select what is working and build on each success. If you don’t have any Analytics Data, set it up for FREE with Google Analytics as soon as you finish reading my article below!

2. Check out Internet Marketing and SEO / SEM Trends – what is changing?Focus on what are the hot trends for 2011. Here is my Top 10 Marketing SEO List for 2011:

  • Small Business will look for Lower Marketing Costs: This can be achieved through effective website marketing and regularly optimizing your web site content & tags, to be a better fit with the search engines.
  • Free Local advertising: If you have not updated your Maps listings on all the search engines do so, and check out the newly named Google Places, take time to fill out all the details, paying extra time on the categories.
  • Free Social Media Advertising: Why pay out lump sum fees to be a member of an “industry association”? Challenge the high fixed costs / charges of Directories & Associations or even better join your local business online community which free.
  • Business Blogs: All small business owners should start a writing a Blog, which with the help of Word Press is merging the company presence of Web Site and a Blog
  • Low Cost PR Campaigns: The amazing communication results delivered by PR WEB, and Free Press Release should see them continue boom in 2011.
  • Reach New Audience: Finding out yesterday that everywhere was out of stock of iPhones in Cincinnati, in fact Southern Ohio, the Mobile Usage with 3G 4G and iPad will bring access to a new audience for small businesses and a new approach to search.
  • Internet Profile Maintenance: Keeping track of all the new internet accounts and listings means the consistency of your business profile is critical, so set up a system to update all your Internet profiles regularly.
  • Online Competition: 2011 will bring more increased on-line competition especially as more small and medium size businesses realize benefits of Internet Marketing, increasing the demand for a good SEO consultant?
  • Coverage of All Search Engines: Make sure your business presence on all search engines [Search Engine Share in 2010 looks like this: Google 72%, Yahoo 14%, Bing, 10%, Ask 2%, AOL 1%]. The number of searches are so high making sure your business is represented an each one is beneficial.
  • Sharing Experiences: Specialists helping other specialists brings rewards of fresh ideas from a different perspective.

3. Refresh All Listings & Updates to Website, Blog, Social Profiles, Customer Testimonials, EMail Lists, Directory Listings, Memberships

4. Stop Procrastinating start a New Year 2011 Blog ….NOW

5. Review Competitors Sites - what’s new on their website? what can you learn? how can you compete more effectively? where are they weak?

Internet Marketing and Marketing SEO

Role of Marketing SEO

For me the key marketing & sales benefit of internet marketing is the ability to measure more effectively:

a) measure your interaction with potential customers, against the key benefits & goals targeted in your marketing plan

Role of Marketing SEO

b) measure your competitive positioning and SWOT relative to your own website, using a Marketing SEO Scorecard to measure your competitors WebSite example below

Marketing SEO ScorecardThe basic example above breaks down Internet Marketing into 2 Basic Elements Visibility and Branding weighting them 70% and 30% respectively, for this illustration.

The metrics and analytics of the Marketing SEO Scorecard helps to focus on internet marketing gaps, especially your internet competitive SWOT, and I am sure can be improved upon, comments and feedback is welcome.

Break Down the Walls – Writing Tips for Better Marketing

Stone Walls Galway by JC

Better Marketing SEO delivers More Qualified Sales Leads

I started this list to add to my website business writing services but decided it is also a good blog post, and will hopefully encourage feedback and more comments which will improve my work in progress checklist.

General Tips on Internet Marketing Plan & Marketing Strategy

  • Each business communication must have a Goal = Call to Action
  • Strategy of each Communication is to create a introduction and dialogue
  • Copywriting reflects business image therefore zero tolerance of mistakes,
  • Need to be selective in use of subject or industry acronyms
  • Copy should be original, internet transparency means you should be who you are

Business Presentations (Power Point, Keynote)

  • Make it personal – customer logo, management names, date etc
  • Focus on the audience (how will they search, where will they search)
  • Achieve maximum impact through images
  • Minimize slide visual effects
  • Minimize use of humor

Optimize Company Website

  • Consistency – create a holistic entity, not different page by page authorship
  • Focus on your Visitors = Potential Customers, not the company Ego
  • Optimize website copy and tags for Search Engines – get SEO Marketing advice
  • Plan the Landing Page and call to action
  • Build brand through Tone of Copy and Images

Business Proposals (Bank, Investors, Marketing)

  • Research audience / decision makers
  • Provide executive overview and use body section to support key proposals
  • Ensure there is clarity in the proposal structure and format
  • Provide professional sections and evidence e.g. appendix / references
  • Make it factual i.e. copy with substance, supporting data

Press Releases

  • Impressive Headline
  • Select Keywords for search engine optimization
  • Substantive quotes from key personnel
  • Ensure effective mechanics of distribution for efficient coverage
  • Achieve synergy with other marketing activity


  • Make it relevant to title
  • Build efficient links
  • Use topical subject
  • Maintain consistency of subjects and style
  • Interest is generated by originality

Sales Brochures / Leaflets

  • Select a core message / offer
  • Benefits for customers not just product or service features
  • Call to Action = Sales Opportunity
  • Drive point of difference
  • Provide a solution for customers

For advice on business copywriting, especially website and internet marketing SEO copy development for better search engine visibility, visit John’s website