Watch Google Video Tutorials : Google Ad Words

Internet Marketing – Understanding Basic AdWords Google has added a whole library of videos on YouTube Ad Words Learn the ABC’s Covers how to set up Google AdWords and how it works to achieve a conversion.  How to Manage your AdWords Account Principles: Structure your AdWords account Choose the right keywords Write attention-grabbing ads The right customized […]

Internet Marketing Plan from a Google Perspective

Tips Advice grow business online marketing

Tips and Advice on how to Grow your Business through Online Marketing Here is a useful checklist and online marketing planning tool, originally issued / copyrighted by Google in 2011. The full content is available at Google User Content.  Although a lot has changed in 4 years, and despite being somewhat biased to Google’s strengths online, it […]

How to Register Business with Google Maps / Places


Question: Why List your business with Google Places? Answer: Because 20% of all Google Searches involve Location ! Check out Google Places explanation of how to claim your business on Google Maps & Places. Proteus Internet Marketing Tips on Google Places   1. Select ALL 5 Categories (including Custom) available carefully and follow the […]

Latest advice from Google Webmaster Blog on SEO

“‘If everybody minded their own business,’ the Duchess said, in a hoarse growl, ‘the world would go around a great deal faster than it does.’” – Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland In today’s Google Webmaster Blog “SEO Essentials for Start Ups in under 10minutes” . While it’s a good summary, it is very broad, but useful to understand Google’s […]

Advice and Comments on Google Web Site Translator

I am working with a client on new website, we want to launch different language versions, initially with Spanish, French, Portuguese. We plan to use Google Translator, but I have heard some negative comments. So I am interested to hear from more people who have used Google Translator since they launched it in 2009, to […]

Google and Changing Rules of SEO – What’s Next?

#1Rule of SEO and Internet Visibility: The Rules are always changing. Key SEO Changes The Google “Panda” algorithm change in May 2011 was said at the time to be only one of around 500 search improvements to be made, in its continued focus on “high quality sites”. The “Penguin” algorithm change made by Google in […]

10 Online Visibility Basic Tips – Help Search Engines Find Your Site


The RULES: From the Search Engines Perspective   Considering the importance of the “guidelines” the search engines do not label or signpost this information very well. “Webmaster Tools” sounds very high-tech, when in reality these are the basic steps to get visibility online. I regard these as the given “marketing environment”  to learn the game […]