Marketing Tips using Linkedin

Linkedin by Numbers

Want to know more about Linkedin Marketing opportunities ? I recommend you download the Sophisticated Marketers Guide to Linkedin Looking for Leads for B2B Businesses? The data for Linkedin is impressive, and we know statistics don’t lie……well not all the time….and with Microsoft buying Linkedin this is likely to expand significantly. “ORGANIC” Opportunities to promote […]

List of Best DIY Website Building Sites

Website Set Up

Which Website Builder should you use? I received a suggestion to check out WebsiteSetUp which focuses on helping people set up their websites, I am impressed by the site and suggest you also check it out if you need advice on building your own website, the website contact is Robert Mening  Review of Website Builder uptime, speed, UI, […]

Internet Marketing Lead Generation

Straight North

I was impressed with the fresh information contained in this Lead Generation Infographic shared with me Br’ian Fields of Straight North. I believe the development credit should go to Brad Shorr, Director of Content Strategy at Straight North. The lead generation infographic aims to provide a blueprint for creating an integrated internet marketing strategy by leveraging multiple online channels, […]

Search + Social + Sharing = Sales

CHARTS to Set Up EDM Project.001

Social Media Strategy – Goals and Metrics Before starting a new Social Media Strategy I suggest you clearly lay out the Priority Channels that fits your business customer audience and objective the Goals and Metrics for each these social media channels the Metrics & Time Period for the achieving  the overall main Goals The example […]

Aerospace B2B Niche – Social Media Opportunities


Doing research on new client internet marketing plan, focus on Aerospace buyer market. Checking out latest assessments of effective Social Media for B2B I came across Track Maven, which helps to be in the right digital channels, with relevant content and the right time to create most efficient engagement and ROI. Social Media Channels by […]

Quick SEO Website Check Up and OTI’s

SEO Site Check Up

Website SEO Check Ups I recommend to check client website performance regularly with 3rd party appraisals as well as Google Webmaster tools, website performance assessment includes background tags, image tags, redirects and site speed etc and vs competitors. I prefer automated site appraisal to save time and provide consistency, to check various website status and a […]

Instagram “a personal image management tool: private life as a public brand”

GreenAbout You

Interesting Article on the mood boarding and rise of emotion in the evolution of Experience Marketing: Michael Rock The importance of consistency of design, function and emotional feel. “There are even Pinterest pages dedicated to collecting other mood boards: collections of collections. And then, of course, there is Instagram, which turns every individual life into a social […]