About John Cullen

John Cullen - Proteus Internet Marketing

John Cullen – Bio

John Cullen is an professional Marketing Consultant, and founder of Proteus Internet Marketing LLC based in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

With over 25 years marketing experience in B2C consumer brands and B2B.

Born in Ireland, educated in Manchester, England.

John has lived and worked in Europe, Asia, Middle East and USA.

Marketing Consultant – Traditional and Digital Marketing

John  “embraced” internet marketing and marketing optimization 8 years ago after a career in international marketing and general management, and set up his own Internet Marketing Consultancy – Proteus Internet Marketing LLC.

John implements Internet Marketing and OnLine Visibility / SEO / Social Media Marketing working with clients in USA, Ireland and UK, and has worked with Clients across diverse industries for B2B and B2C and also provides custom Executive Coaching seminars for busy business owners and entrepreneurs.

Core Skills and Consulting Services

  • Proven experience and ability in marketing and sales, case studies are available
  • In-depth knowledge to gain improved visibility for Website, using Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Google Maps / Places, Blog
  • Customized Internet Marketing Strategy to meet any budget and resources
  • Executive Coaching to provide business owners “one on one” customized working sessions to bring you up to speed on latest internet marketing tools.

The Opportunity for Small / Medium size Business

John applies his practical experience and knowledge of traditional proven marketing skills to the new and ever changing internet / online marketing tools and opportunities.

Implementing the basics of internet marketing and social media marketing, provides significant business opportunities, but the key is knowing which internet and social media marketing tools are best suited and the most efficient and effective to improve the online visibility for your individual business.

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