Managing Company / Business Internet Image and Visibility Part 2

Search your Company or Business on Google and check the results. Not just the company name, but search the services and goods you offer, where you compete end on with your key competitors: Where does your website rank on Google, based on 10 random searches for your company products and services? What is average number […]

How to Manage Your Brand / Company Image across the Internet – Part 1

Internet Marketing Brand Strategy matrix farmework - John Cullen

Manage your Internet Brand Image: Maximize Positives, Minimize Negatives It is now critically important to become involved and participate in internet marketing and to identify which media and social platforms have the biggest influence on your marketplace competitors brand  / company image The Purpose of the Internet Marketing Brand Strategy The goal and purpose of […]

Hotel Internet Marketing – Coupon Promotions – Groupon vs TravelZoo?


Which Discount Promotional Offers are most Effective? Oxfordshire Hotels in UK have run a number of promotions with both Groupon and TravelZoo and favor TravelZoo because: Direct Bookings with Hotels improves cash flow TravelZoo has well coordinated marketing support Groupon insist on offering really low prices, which cut deep into margin Groupon at least in […]

Freeman Schwabe – B2B Blog – a Growing Success

Check out the Freeman Schwabe Machinery Blog The Freeman Schwabe Blog only dates back to March 2011, but already has had a significant impact and contribution to Freeman Schwabe business. The Blog continues to grow and has provided an increase in qualified visitors/ referrals to the Freeman Schwabe website as well as direct contacts looking for […]