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Experienced marketing professional, with over 25 years experience in global brand marketing, focused on Internet Marketing for last 10 years.
Living in Cincinnati, Ohio and working with Clients in USA and UK.

Instagram “a personal image management tool: private life as a public brand”

GreenAbout You

Interesting Article on the mood boarding and rise of emotion in the evolution of Experience Marketing: Michael Rock The importance of consistency of design, function and emotional feel. “There are even Pinterest pages dedicated to collecting other mood boards: collections of collections. And then, of course, there is Instagram, which turns every individual life into a social […]

Affordable Online Press Release Services – Small Business Cincinnati – Effective Internet Marketing

Museum of Spiritual Art

Online Press Release Marketing Plan There are many effective and affordable promotional techniques to achieve awareness of a new event, here I list the media contacts and cost I used to promote media coverage for Museum of Spiritual Art – which has an Open House Sept 26th in Franklin, Ohio. I will monitor over the next few weeks and share […]

Internet Marketing Agency, Loveland, Ohio – Website SEO, Social Media, AdWords

Opportunities with Internet Marketing

Proteus Internet Sales and Marketing agency and consulting is now located in Loveland , Ohio. Check out our Internet Marketing Blog : http://Marketing4Optimization.com We have over 8 years experience and knowledge in implementing Internet Marketing for small businesses, in the Cincinnati area. The internet has changed the whole selling and buying process, it’s time to change and take […]

Which ? Small Business Website Builder – Easy to Learn, Positive Results, Quick Support response

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Which website builder do I recommend to small businesses in Cincinnati to promote their business?  My first suggestion is to check out the Website Builder comparison sites, and compare the different attributes of each website builder and the different options in design, flexibility, support available and cost. e.g. Website Builder Expert Website Tool Tester Top10 […]

Building a Profitable Small Business with addition of Internet Marketing Mix

Building a Profitable Small Business

Your Small Business will benefit from integrating an Internet Marketing Mix with you business. A robust profitable business model is built on strong foundations with clear goals, vision and leadership, and competitive level of marketing promotional support. The Traditional Marketing 4 P’s Product, Promotion, Price, Placement continue to serve businesses well in achieving new contacts, sales […]

Check Out NEW Freeman SCHWABE website – Bookmark on Mobile

New Freeman Schwabe website

Check Out NEW Freeman SCHWABE website – Bookmark on Mobile.

Marketing and Sales Changing Skill Set

B2b Marketing.001

ITSMA carried out a survey in Nov-Dec 2015 to find out what the people believe will be the marketing skills & capabilities for a future organization. Overview of Results 87% of marketers agree marketing organizations must change significantly Data Analytics is a growing center of required expertise The recruiting sources for B2B marketing will change going […]