Social Media Marketing – follow current B2B Ad & Promotion

Insider Social Marketing Tips The Key to Success with Social Marketing, from my experienced marketing insider perspective, is presenting and communicating relevant material or useful information in an interesting, intriguing, exciting, amusing and innovative manner….. Social Media Marketing is a live example of the brand marketing holistic effect, however, it takes time to master social marketing, […]

Small Business Leadership…”Trust in something….Love what you do….Follow your heart”


Small Business Leadership – Connecting the Dots for better Brand Marketing Summary Take a fresh look at your business model, connecting the dots with Steve Jobs words and his achievements in mind, not only will it drive innovation and a competitive advantage, it will develop “win win” customer relationships. “Again, you can’t connect the dots […]

Top Priorities in Building Website Traffic and Attracting More Business

Marketing Business Website

Marketing a Business Website Social Media Marketing / Marketing Optimization The debate continues in digital / internet marketing on where to focus and invest to maximize the benefits of the company website within Internet Marketing and Social Media to gain extra visibility. The overall key priority is the consistency of the message and positioning of […]

Search Trends in Social Media Marketing


“Show me your Keywords, and I will tell you what your are” Choosing the best keywords to position and describe your business products / services is critical to optimize your Internet Marketing. When you want to identify the latest in keyword search trends check out Google trends and insights (merged last year on to one […]

Brand Marketing examples Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+


I needed some inspiration this Monday morning and I got it with from Hubspot. I downloaded their latest Marketing promotion “101 Companies Rocking on Social Media”  with examples of branded page layouts on different Social Media Chanels. Nothing totally new but worth checking out for fresh inspiration. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, Some good ideas […]

Social Media the BIG Small Business Marketing Opportunity

2013 Digital Report, is the world’s first and largest blog search engine and a robust community blogging platform. Technorati 2013 Digital Influence Report Key Conclusions “Brand Marketing digital messaging has gone social” 60 % of Brand Marketeers predict an average increase of 40% in Social Spend for 2013 >50% of Social Budget is spent on Facebook followed […]

Managing Social Media to keep it simple but effective


Goal: Use Social Media to get more visitors to my website Challenge: How to manage the different social channels Solution: Manage all your Social Media Sites from one Dashboard As you connect with more social opportunities for your business, it can be complicated just to remember ID and Passwords and what is linked to what […]