Executive Coaching – Internet Marketing Knowledge Center

Managing Social Media keep it simple but effective!

Managing Social Media keep it simple but effective!

Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Executive Coaching for Business Owners

Executive Coaching for Business Owners, in  Ohio / Kentucky, who want to improve their business knowledge of the latest internet marketing tools and social media marketing…FAST!

Gain Up to date knowledge of Internet / Digital Marketing…FAST!

Website Effectiveness, Google Search, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Blogs so you understand:

  • how to develop a relevant Internet Marketing Plan based on your target audience

  • customized review / assessment of your business Online Visibility

  • how to implement an efficient Internet Marketing Campaign for your business, based on your resources

  • understand what Time Frame, Budgets, Resource and Organization is required to implement the internet marketing plan

  • how to set appropriate Goals and Metrics for your business

  • how to Measure your Progress, and how to continue improve going forward

The Executive Training / Coaching is structured for busy executives and business owners to gain significant practical knowledge of the latest tools and opportunities with Internet Marketing and SEO in a short time period, that would take months to learn by books and your own research.

Proteus Internet Marketing Sales Funnel

Proteus Internet Marketing Sales Funnel

Internet Marketing coaching is ideal for small business owners or business leaders who want to get up to speed and improve their business NOW!

……..on how to utilize Internet Marketing / SEO in their company, and want to get an qualified independent professional marketing view on the SEO essentials for their business, and know how to use it, FAST!

  • what is behind all the acronyms and labels: SEO, SEM, Social Media, etc

  • what constitutes a well designed web site to drive sales

  • what are the key performance indicators in internet marketing

  • how a web site should be structured to be effective

  • how to maximize visitors to your company website

  • what are the Marketing benefits of the new Digital Media / SEO

  • how to manage the Marketing aspects of Search Engine Optimization

  • how to improve website ranking, to get on #1 page on Google Results

  • how to gain more business leads through your company website

  • how to measure and monitor results, to gain a competitive edge and sustainable advantage

  • how to use a Blog and Facebook to promote your business further

Outline of Internet Marketing Executive Coaching / Training Sessions:

A choice of 1 Full Day or 2 Half Day Internet Marketing  Training session, is available depending on depth of current knowledge and the level of information required, and the availability of dates on both sides.

Executive Coaching sessions on Internet Marketing can also be organized on a One-to-One basis (which is the recommended approach), or to a Small Group of your Management Team.

Benefits Gained from Marketing SEO Executive Training / Coaching : 

  • Learn the Essentials of Internet Marketing and improve how your company manages your website and the marketing opportunities within digital media marketing.
  • Each Executive Coaching / Training session will be custom prepared to your business and competitive marketplace
  • A detailed analysis of your company website and competitors, identifying the opportunities to be gained
  • Choice of Seminar Audience: One-on-One or Small Group of business executives
  • Custom designed to your level of understanding and your needs of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
  • Step by Step plan to improve use of your company website and a roadmap for developing an Internet Marketing Strategy

To find out more information contact John Cullen direct:    


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