How do Visitors navigate the pages on your Website?

Google In Page Analytics

Check out Google In-Page Analytics As a lot of effort and creativity goes into creating a web page, you should  know how visitors use or navigate the page. You also need to keep a check on the In Page Analytics to improve Goal Conversion. Google Analytics has a feature called  In-Page Analytics, which overlays the […]

Benefits of Setting Up a Conversion Funnel

Conversion Sales Funnel

Conversion Funnel = Sales Funnel It’s my point of view, that your website has ONE GOAL = CONVERT VISITORS to BUYERS So you need to measure the CONVERSION FUNNEL to IMPROVE SALES The basic Sales Funnel process: Awareness – search results ranking, proof that you exist, and what you offer Interest – content “sells” your […]

Analyzing Top Line Data in Google Analytics Efficiently

Google Analytics Logo

“Paralysis by Analysis” advice for the Data-holic! I find it easy to waste time or at least lose track of time, while working on my laptop, but especially when I am using Google Analytics. There always seems to be one more statistic which fascinates me, and pulls me in to ask one more question, which […]