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John Cullen: Core skills / benefits in Internet Marketing consulting 

    • Proven business experience and ability in marketing and sales
    • In depth knowledge to gain website improved visibility
    • Knowledge and skill in selecting the most effective internet tools
    • Custom Internet Marketing plan
    • Flexible, industrious and creative marketing
    • Executive Coaching to bring C Level Management up to speed …fast

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Last 10 years I have been actively involved in marketing businesses on-line to gain improved visibility on the internet and attract more visitors and more business leads and sales.

I have worked with a broad range of clients in different markets, and implemented organic marketing SEO as well as paid advertising:

  • Organic Search Results : originally focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as new platforms (Social Media, Blog, YouTube)
  • Paid Advertising: creative campaigns on Google Ad Words, Facebook ads and LinkedIn

Depending on the business the challenges and opportunities are constantly changing. I have built a knowledge base on the key internet marketing tools that will significantly improve on-line presence and visibility for small businesses.


Marketing Your Business On-Line

Marketing your business on-line effectively delivers more sales leads and maintains a quality profile and image in line with your positioning and business goals.

For FREE Assessment Contact John Cullen

Process / Checklist

1. Identify Opportunities to improve the Quality, Quantity and Consistencyof on-visibility in line with business goals:

  • Clarify internet marketing positioning of the business products and services
  • Clarify competitive advantage of business vs on-line competitors products and services
  • List internet opportunities by priority vs goals
  • Recommend an Action Plan, Metrics, Timetable, Hours of work involved and Budget

2. Focus digital marketing plan on 

    1. a clear concise positioning statement of business products and services and the building blocks within the “brand architecture”
    2. agreed goals and metrics
    3. internet awareness / visibility needs

3. Examples of Digital Marketing Plan Implementation

Internet Marketing Brand Strategy matrix farmework - John Cullen
Internet Marketing Strategy framework @John Cullen
For FREE Assessment Contact John Cullen 

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