Break Down the Walls – Writing Tips for Better Marketing

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Better Marketing SEO delivers More Qualified Sales Leads

I started this list to add to my website business writing services but decided it is also a good blog post, and will hopefully encourage feedback and more comments which will improve my work in progress checklist.

General Tips on Internet Marketing Plan & Marketing Strategy

  • Each business communication must have a Goal = Call to Action
  • Strategy of each Communication is to create a introduction and dialogue
  • Copywriting reflects business image therefore zero tolerance of mistakes,
  • Need to be selective in use of subject or industry acronyms
  • Copy should be original, internet transparency means you should be who you are

Business Presentations (Power Point, Keynote)

  • Make it personal – customer logo, management names, date etc
  • Focus on the audience (how will they search, where will they search)
  • Achieve maximum impact through images
  • Minimize slide visual effects
  • Minimize use of humor

Optimize Company Website

  • Consistency – create a holistic entity, not different page by page authorship
  • Focus on your Visitors = Potential Customers, not the company Ego
  • Optimize website copy and tags for Search Engines – get SEO Marketing advice
  • Plan the Landing Page and call to action
  • Build brand through Tone of Copy and Images

Business Proposals (Bank, Investors, Marketing)

  • Research audience / decision makers
  • Provide executive overview and use body section to support key proposals
  • Ensure there is clarity in the proposal structure and format
  • Provide professional sections and evidence e.g. appendix / references
  • Make it factual i.e. copy with substance, supporting data

Press Releases

  • Impressive Headline
  • Select Keywords for search engine optimization
  • Substantive quotes from key personnel
  • Ensure effective mechanics of distribution for efficient coverage
  • Achieve synergy with other marketing activity


  • Make it relevant to title
  • Build efficient links
  • Use topical subject
  • Maintain consistency of subjects and style
  • Interest is generated by originality

Sales Brochures / Leaflets

  • Select a core message / offer
  • Benefits for customers not just product or service features
  • Call to Action = Sales Opportunity
  • Drive point of difference
  • Provide a solution for customers

For advice on business copywriting, especially website and internet marketing SEO copy development for better search engine visibility, visit John’s website

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