Proteus Checklist to Increase Relevant Traffic and Conversions on Website

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Checklist to Increase Relevant Traffic and Website Conversions to Purchase

With consumers leading the way in use of the Internet there is a marketing opportunity “gap” for businesses (especially medium to small size businesses) drive RELEVANT TRAFFIC to convert potential new customers TO PURCHASE in a measurable cost effective manner.

Do NOT start with the branded design of a tech driven web site, to be developed by a “Tech Geek without Marketing Experience”.

Start with an Internet Marketing Plan that meets the Business Goals.

Analyze how Potential Customers SEARCH for your type of business products or services on the internet, develop a library and knowledge of all the Search Keywords.

Understand and prioritize your unique (point of difference) with Competitive Advantage of the business product or service.

Define the measurable goals and action points to build Conversion Pathway / Pipeline.

Revise the metrics of a successful site from [Hits, Visits, Clicks, Pages etc] to Conversion Goals.

Set the Landing Page architecture of the web site with One Focus = Converting [Request for more info? Request for Proposal? Add to cart? Buy?]

Use the Keyword Knowledge to build the SEO of the web site.

Use the Keyword Knowledge and SEO to build the SEM program

Build Conversion Pathways in to every facet of the web site design.

Build the web site in a modular manner to facilitate regular Measurement and Testing and Modification at each stage.

Develop a Marketing Knowledge Data Base (like e.g. Amazon or eBay) about the customer.

Measure and Track progress against each Conversion Goal.

Update Marketing programs in SEM to maintain advantage over competitors.

If a CRM program is used ensure this is coordinated with the web site conversion goals.

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