Doctor GP Website Dublin 8 – SEO Case Study (2)

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Doctors Rialto Medical Centre Dublin 8 Some positive progress finally over last 2 – 3 days, with Rialto Medical Centre , the key target pages are showing improved Google search ranking on target keywords. Also contributing to positive response is the post holiday searches and new ads in Ad Words campaign, so we will be implementing & monitoring in the case study both search engine optimisation and search engine marketing.

It was decided with medical centre managment to ignore the weak website design (at least at the moment) and use these coming weeks to assess and evaluate using Google Analytics the Volume Keywords and Traffic Sources, for development of future website content and site architecture.

Marketing SEO focus in the coming weeks 0n:

– to set the key metric as: “the increase new patient registrations during January and February, as compared to previous 12 months average”

– to correlate volume keywords in organic and ad words to the growth in unique vistors and page content, to decide key content as most relevant to potential patients

– to start to build Links Strategy through White Papers, Directories, Blog and relevant Web site

– to prepare for the design / development work of new website i.e. new images / photos, patient advice and information

So far the time passed is 6 weeks from the initial discussions, and today the site achieved record number of visits. Now that potential traffic is finding the site, the focus will be on improving conversion to registration.

Basic SEO Lesson 2: The key to search engine optimization and search engine marketing is setting targets and goals for your business, and then using data analytics to measure your progress. Only then can you measure, evaluate and modify the plan or content in the web site to improve relevance to visitors and converting visitors in the case of Rialto Medical Centre to registering as new patients. Measurable Benefits of SEO and SEM.

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