Facebook users shift from PC to Mobile confirmed

Chart on Facebook Mobile Trend 2013

“Facebook users are spending much less time with the service on the PC. But they’re spending much more time on Facebook on the phone, so overall engagement is up”. JP Morgan Analysis Source link: Statista www.statista.com http://www.statista.com/topics/751/facebook/chart/1026/mobile-facebook-use-in-the-us/ As indicated in an earlier post “Re-Imagine your Marketing Budget” the Internet usage continues to shift dramatically from PC […]

Social Media Insights – Research on Metrics for Facebook Advertising

Facebook Digital Marketing

Social Marketing Metrics – Research Study While the findings of the Social Media metrics research by Resolution Media and Kenshoo Social are not earth shattering, they are worth reviewing before developing a Social Media Plan by advertising on Facebook. [The dataset examined for this report spans nearly 65 billion Facebook ad impressions and 20 million Facebook ad […]