Leadership Skills – Adapting and Implementing Social Marketing / Technologies

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It’s interesting to watch the evolving process of incorporating Social Media and Internet / Digital Marketing into the larger established businesses and organizations, and translating this to the opportunities and learnings that exist for Small to Medium size companies. McKinsey just published their latest Global Survey Results, which shows increased adoption of the new social […]

Successful resource allocation starts with “what is the goal”?.

The Internet a decade later

“If you don’t where you are going, any road will get  you there” Allocation of our time both personal and business in this digital age, is proving to be a significant challenge. We are literally “spoilt for choice” which can make decision making more difficult and slower. Knowing what you want to achieve, makes decision making […]

Internet Marketing: Paradigm shift from “knowledge is power” to “shared knowledge is more powerful”

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We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.  Benjamin Franklin [At the signing of the Declaration of Independence] Information vs Knowledge Keeping up to date with the continuous change in the age of dynamic on line marketing across Social Media, Local Business development and Mobile growth requires a new business culture, […]