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Started the day early (at least for me), at 7am checking out Google News, and read about Spain, and the earthquake in Lorca, near one of my UK clients overseas home.

I email UK !

At 8am I had a breakfast meeting with local company, they asked me to search for an agent or representative for their cutting presses in Brazil and Germany, and to “relaunch” the company LinkedIn Page.

Internet Sales are going well. We talk about Microsoft buying Skype and question how are they going to promote the Skype free service and make an ROI, or will they try to charge for the service?

Came back to my new home, and set up an GoogleAdwords campaign in Brazil, focused on the State of Sao Paulo with both English and Portugese language ads. Did the same on LinkedIn, potential search audience of 1.4 million in Sao Paulo state.

Checked my 2 blogs, but no thoughts come to mind, so no entry of comment.

Worked on new business, and researched keywords about Linen Rentals, Rental Linen, Rentals Linen, etc and reviewed competitors, and realized its got a strong local niche business, the client is 5th generation family company in Ohio.

Came across some neat websites from Oregon to Atlanta. But none of the websites have yet been search engine optimized and its 2011!

I check more related words to tablecloth, linens, restaurant linen, linen services, on Google’s Keyword Tool, having used the Google Translate section earlier, to help set up the Portugese ads.

Scanned Irish Times online, see Kenny Dalglish, Tiger Woods images . Checked Facebook. Paid some Bills online and changed details of new address. Watched some of the Players Tournament on laptop.

Sent two Powerpoint Slides to CEO for inclusion in his Employees Meeting early tomorrow in Clermont County, Ohio.

Sent my son a text, suggesting we play golf  tomorrow. Wondered why I had no reply to my eamil from potential client in Lucca, Italy. Looked at furniture to buy online.

Checked out the latest analytics for a UK client in Oxfordshire as the day is over in England and the data is up already.

Now writing in Blog……explaining why I enjoy the independence and diversity of my working business day.

It’s good to stand back and compare “changes in your lifetime” and talk about “the speed of change today”, its probably one of the few benefits of the “aging process”, i.e. getting older.

This is a clear advantage for the older age group, as we experienced the change first hand, and we all talk about “those days”,  this is a new opportunity for the “greys” and  “grays” , wherever you are…..time to rethink and adjust…but adjust…. because “the work place is flat”!

Must Google to see see whether the phrase “the work place is flat” is already a Trademark?

If not? I claim it here, as mine!

John Cullen - Proteus Internet Marketing

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