Sales and Marketing Funnel moving from Traditional to Digital

Sales Pipeline Stages and using Internet / Digital Marketing to improve conversion rate.

Following on from my earlier post on the “The NEW B2B Buying Process and Sales Pipeline: Internet Marketing” its always worth assessing on a regular basis, how to improve conversion from one stage of the Sales Pipeline to the next. How detailed your Sales Pipeline is will depend on many things e.g. industry / market / product […]

The NEW B2B Buying Process and Sales Pipeline: Internet Marketing

Sales Pipeline - Change in Buyer Purchasing Process (JohnCullen)

Impact of Internet Marketing on B2B Buying Process and Sales Pipeline Overview B2B sales cold calling is disappearing  – stats quote only 30% engage in cold call, more internal sales and more online marketing. Buyers are doing more desk research online and talking to peers and colleagues, and industry forums / online conversations. Supplier “online […]