Set up for FREE Listing on Google Places / Maps

Google Places

 How to set up your FREE Business Listing on Google Places and Maps

Google Places does more than just put your business address on a map. Once you claim your business location and verify the basic information with Google your business listing on your Google Places page can provide: business details including website link and email address, photos, reviews, or opening hours, videos, coupons, weekly specials……there’s a lot here…..and visible on Google search results!!

Here is a simplifed list showing how to register your company or business on Google Places

  1. Go to Google Places
  2. Sign in with Google Account info.
  3.  Click to add New Business on Google Places page, and search your business phone number to see if Google already has information on your business.
  4. If there are no results for your company / business Click to add a New Listing
  5. Fill out the form providing your business information
  6. Categories: NOTE: its very important to select 1 Google category listed, then you can enter up to 4 more customized categories (this is key search results)
  7.  The rest of the form is self explanatory – if you have any issues questions consult the Google Places guide / help
  8.  Preview your business listing on the right side of your screen, once finished click Submit at the bottom of the page.
  9. Choose how you would like to verify your listing and click Finish.

Once Verified you can see your Listing on Google Places. Google Places If you change you Business Address or name of Company / Business you will need to reverify ownership. Contact John Cullen direct for more information on Local Internet Marketing and On-Line Visibility

Free Local Listings (Free Advertising) – Local Search Engines

Google Logo

Attention - Interest – Desire – Action

AIDA  is fundamental marketing and sales pathway to generate new business. Engaging and Converting new customers through Local Search listings is critically important for most small medium size businesses.

Over 20% of all Searches are looking for Local Content / Information, and more with more and more Mobiles this is likely to increase.

Top FREE local search engines for Business Listings

 Google Logo 

Bing Logo

Yelp Logo

 Yahoo Local

 Best of the Web logo

Check out the FREE tool on GetListed to see how local search engines list your business

Tips on Effective Implementation of QR Codes

Disney Poster with QR Code

QR Codes and Mobile Usage

Smart Phones

Disney Poster with QR Code

Disney Poster with QR Code

“71% of smartphone users search because of an ad they’ve seen either online or offline; 82% of smartphone users notice mobile ads, 74% of smartphone shoppers make a purchase as a result of using their smartphones to help with shopping, and 88% of those who look for local information on their smartphones take action within a day.” Google Research

Effective Implementation of QR Codes 

Effective usage for QR codes, focuses on giving people a reason to scan the code

  • Explain how to use
  • Link to a Landing Page with specific “call to action”
  • Optimize website or landing page with smart phones and mobile devices
  • Place the QR Code somewhere visible
  • Explain benefits of use
  • Experiment with colors and size
  • Create a clear “call to action”
    • watch the new video
    • download coupon
    • enter competition here
  • Track QR code performance with analytics

Shortening URL’s

As QR codes mainly linked to URLs, which in turn affects the size of the QR code, and  automatically generate a QR code for shortened links.

Check out Proteus Internet Marketing

How to use FREE Local Listings on Search Engines…..Effectively!

Local Business Listings Search Engines

When I checked this morning on-line search for Local Products and Services is claimed by “internet experts” to be anything from 40% to 70% of all search…..of course this wide variance is dependent on what the internet “expert” is buying or selling locally……..

Local Business Listings Search Engines

Local Business Listing - Search Engines......

One thing is for sure Local Search is significant, and remember the Local Listings on Search Engines is FREE!

The high popularity of Local Search, and high growth expectations with Samrt Phones and 4G, are the reasons the major search engines have improved the information and layout of the listing pages and why they are promoting “local” so much e.g. Google Places for Local Business and bing Local Business Portal .

A large percentage of “local businesses” are either not using this Free Marketing Tool or not using the local listing effectively. For those businesses that do use it effectively, they have a significant competitive advantage!

Here are my Top 10 Tips on how to make your Business / Company local listing more effective:

  • Make sure all Business details are correct and reflect Company Information / Positioning and Website e.g. full name, logo,categories, area served, hours,

  • Make sure you use full address and post code (reflecting what’s on the related company / business website) i.e. avoid PO Box and 800 telephone contact numbers, because search engines want confirmation of location

  • Add relevant Photos and Videos with descriptions where applicable, and encourage visitors to website and customers to express the comments in “local listing reviews”

  • Double check all the information is consistent across all website (use  “Get Listed” that your listed but also the information is correct across search engines)

  • Use the Keywords and Keyword Phrases from your website (and your other internet reference sites)  as used in Titles, Heading and Meta Tags in all the Local Listing details

  • Check your “pin marked” locations of Business on Maps are correct

  • Check Competitors Local Business Listing is true and honest

  • Make sure the Links in your listings work to Company Website

  • View Local Listings on Mobile Phone to ensure visible correct

  • Provide Link to Map, Directions and Listing on Website

For more information on Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization visit John’s business website

Internet Marketing – The Internet Small Business Opportunity Gap

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Internet Marketing – The Internet Opportunity Gap

1. Research studies identified that consumers are actively increasing their use of the internet, where they collect and disseminate information and knowledge (Forrester Research), AND at a faster rate than business traffic.

2. This is the result of the dynamic changes and choices in technology which has resulted in fragmentation of the “traditional” communication. Consumers have changed their approach, but the business structure (primarily in the medium to small size companies) is lagging behind.

3. This significant gap provides a major competitive advantage and window of opportunity for enterprises willing to change in line with the consumer approach.

4. Its not a single piece of the marketing mix that is required to change (e.g. a new website, use of search engine optimization, use of Google ad words etc) but a new internet marketing pathway based on proven brand marketing principles.

5. “Build a Website and they will come…..but they don’t” How few websites in an existence today are built (and regularly updated) for the “changing consumer”?

6. The new Internet Marketing Model fundamentally changes the thought process and business structure of how to reach the customer / consumer.

7. The website (& its contents) is a critical focal point, as it integrates and coordinates all the other  Internet Marketing & Advertising possibilities available to businesses.

What are the changes that We as Consumers have adopted so willingly?

Basically we have more choice today, and the choice is more under our control.

The availability of multimedia in multiple delivery systems has created a breakdown of what we read, watch, listen to, use, avoid. and what we can ignore.

As a result, our perception of branded products and services has changed due to seeing more images, more messages, more frequently.

The message, positioning and promise of the product and the service have also changed.

We now continually assess a branded product and service (and its supplier) in a multi dimensional composite of all we have recently seen & heard from multiple sources, in the rapidly changing and dynamic new environment.

Our expectations have changed we are more demanding, more inquisitive, more skeptical, and more savvy in our adoption of the traditional marketing “message” in advertising promotion, packaging, supplier claims, and PR.

We no longer Surf the web, we now Search the web.

We expect websites & suppliers to be as efficient & easy as

We Google when we want information.

We do not read Web Sites we scan pages for Keywords or Relevant facts.

We link with people in totally new Social networks e.g. LinkedIn, Face book.

We expect change and speed of change and adopt it quicker e.g. IPhone, IPad

We Skype friends overseas with a free video communication service.

We search and compare products & services.

We build our own news & entertainment schedule with YouTube, CNet, ITunes, ESPN.

We communicate “word of mouth” now by “speed of email”.

We balance or challenge mass media statements with individual Blog “experts”.

I wrote the above notes in 2008, and little has changed, I am still amazed that the Internet Business Opportunity Gap for Small and Medium size businesses still exists.

So why are Small and Medium size businesses lagging behind in the adoption of Internet Marketing and SEO Optimization?

With the drive to Local Search being championed by Google and Bing, surely 2011 will the year of dramatic change.

Any ideas let me know.

Hotel Seasonality Competitive Advantage Marketing SEO

White Hart Hotel Dorchester upon Thames
White Hart Hotel Dorchester upon Thames

White Hart Hotel Dorchester upon Thames

In UK the Christmas and New Years Holidays are popular short breaks to enjoy with friends or family in country hotels with AA rosette restaurants, which are the quality menu benchmark. With the availability of booking online 24/7/365 its no wonder popular english hotels provide potential customers with information on holiday deals well ahead of the actual events.

Oxfordshire Hotels recently launched their new all inclusive deals and new menu selection for their hotel 2010 Christmas and New Year Breaks. The hotel business competition in UK is particularly fierce in 2010 reflecting the “difficult” economic times, so for Oxfordshire Hotels marketing the hotels early and marketing their competitive advantage is critical.

Utilizing web site internet marketing and search engine optimisation efficiently allows independent hotel owners to compete with the chains effectively at the local or regional level.

Oxfordshire Hotels is a great example of a marketing portfolio of distinct quality product and services, with unique competitive advantages, with four fantastic hotels within the Oxford area – Deddington, Buckingham, Aynho and Dorchester-upon-Thames.

Oxfordshire Hotels are refurbished 16th and 17th century coaching inns, ideal choices for relaxing weekend breaks or short breaks to explore in the Oxfordshire and Cotswolds countryside, in the South East of England.

The hotels are also ideal for internet search marketing especially long tail search for Christmas and New Year Breaks, with people searching for quality village hotels with AA rosette menus, friendly staff, log fires, oak beams, carol singing, christmas dinner, warm cosy pub atmosphere with real ales.

Oxfordshire Hotels are reaping the rewards (with earlier bookings) of planning ahead for seasonal business opportunities and it’s clarity of the competitive advantage in quality of the hotels products and services, which in turn provides a significant competitive advantage in internet marketing and hotel website SEO.

10 Tips Traditional Marketing & Marketing SEO

Olive Trees Kardamyli Greece



Rethink the purpose of your company website and other touch points with potential customers through the internet or digital media.

Remember all business materials and actions should be consistent and work in synergy, and be focused on the company positioning and competitive advantage of its products and services…..mmm Traditional Marketing approach…….

The website is your opportunity to present these products and services and convert visitors to buyers.

Your conversion rate will depend on how well your website company offering, its positioning and your credentials fit with what the searcher is looking for.

  1. Consistency in the marketing message and how it flows across the web site and social media touch points, reflecting the business culture, positioning and offering, the holistic approach to marketing SEO. Identifying the specific strategic role of the website within the overall plan is critical.
  2. Encourage your visitors to explore your site by making it easy to navigate, and also make it easy for the robots to explore the site as well, by providing a map of the site architecture. Here is the opportunity to start a relationship.
  3. Ensure the technical development of the site SEO is clean and that it’s accurate, and follows a “white hat” approach to work in synergy with the Marketing SEO. SEO should be Marketing lead not Technical.
  4. Be honest and open (and consistent) providing reassurance to visitors wherever possible.
  5. Research most efficient and effective keywords and focus on the goal of explaining your company positioning using the keywords and pharses identified.
  6. Think as the Searcher i.e. your Visitor (and potential Customer) when designing each page, asking “is this what they expect” or “ is this what they are looking for”.
  7. Quality Information and Content is critical, i.e. good copywriting will keep the visitor interested, just as in a first interview, sell ourself.
  8. Be willing to meet and adhere to all SEO guidelines and rules, this will avoid breaking any obscure or unknown rules with risk of penalties.
  9. Avoid using too many acronyms or jargon words, the site copy should reflect what the searcher is thinking and words used in search, the goal is meeting the searcher’s need.
  10. Periodically go back and review your website, challenge your own content and copy, as SEO is true “dynamic marketing” in which everything is changing fast and the changes are generally not under your.

Comments and Feedback.

Visit my website at

Updating my Internet Marketing Plan Framework

Jimi Hendrix Purple Dayz by John Cullen

“We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but a habit”.

- Aristotle

I guess “I should do as I preach” and start the new business year by updating my Marketing Strategy – Goals – Activity Plan for the year. At least an overview to focus my thoughts and activities.

Business Proposition and Positioning

Proteus provides businesses with a measurable and experienced internet marketing and sales support, that will deliver results, based on proven marketing skills.

Proteus will deliver against agreed goals.

Proteus will focus on increasing sales leads, leading to increase sales income.

Proteus will focus on cost effective and efficient internet marketing implementation.


Proteus Internet Marketing LLC, 3 years on continues to grow, change and develop.

Business Clients based on results have renewed contracts and are ongoing customers and are delighted with results.

SEO and SEM are also developing and changing even faster, one challenge is keeping up with all the opportunities, which is a great position to be in!

Goal for 2010 / 2011

Add 5 new customers to the business base in 2010.

Identify potential customers that “get it” but do not have the time or knowledge to get into the detail of SEO and SEM.

Target Customer Profile

WHO – medium size businesses with appreciation “at the top“ of the potential benefits of internet marketing and are willing to test / measure / learn / grow

WHERE – based in UK or USA

WHY – the business wants to learn and use the internet to reach potential customers but does not need or can justify full time internet marketing in organization

Internet Marketing Planning 2010 / 2011

Detail monthly activities to:

increase visitors to web site with constant SEO update and Ad Words Campaigns

increase readership of blog by regular writing with basic insights to small medium size businesses, and hopefully dialogue

expand social media visibility of John Cullen and Proteus

contribute more to local business community, get involved