How to use FREE Local Listings on Search Engines…..Effectively!

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When I checked this morning on-line search for Local Products and Services is claimed by “internet experts” to be anything from 40% to 70% of all search…..of course this wide variance is dependent on what the internet “expert” is buying or selling locally……..

Local Business Listings Search Engines
Local Business Listing - Search Engines......

One thing is for sure Local Search is significant, and remember the Local Listings on Search Engines is FREE!

The high popularity of Local Search, and high growth expectations with Samrt Phones and 4G, are the reasons the major search engines have improved the information and layout of the listing pages and why they are promoting “local” so much e.g. Google Places for Local Business and bing Local Business Portal .

A large percentage of “local businesses” are either not using this Free Marketing Tool or not using the local listing effectively. For those businesses that do use it effectively, they have a significant competitive advantage!

Here are my Top 10 Tips on how to make your Business / Company local listing more effective:

  • Make sure all Business details are correct and reflect Company Information / Positioning and Website e.g. full name, logo,categories, area served, hours,

  • Make sure you use full address and post code (reflecting what’s on the related company / business website) i.e. avoid PO Box and 800 telephone contact numbers, because search engines want confirmation of location

  • Add relevant Photos and Videos with descriptions where applicable, and encourage visitors to website and customers to express the comments in “local listing reviews”

  • Double check all the information is consistent across all website (use  “Get Listed” that your listed but also the information is correct across search engines)

  • Use the Keywords and Keyword Phrases from your website (and your other internet reference sites)  as used in Titles, Heading and Meta Tags in all the Local Listing details

  • Check your “pin marked” locations of Business on Maps are correct

  • Check Competitors Local Business Listing is true and honest

  • Make sure the Links in your listings work to Company Website

  • View Local Listings on Mobile Phone to ensure visible correct

  • Provide Link to Map, Directions and Listing on Website

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