Set up for FREE Listing on Google Places / Maps

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 How to set up your FREE Business Listing on Google Places and Maps

Google Places does more than just put your business address on a map. Once you claim your business location and verify the basic information with Google your business listing on your Google Places page can provide: business details including website link and email address, photos, reviews, or opening hours, videos, coupons, weekly specials……there’s a lot here…..and visible on Google search results!!

Here is a simplifed list showing how to register your company or business on Google Places

  1. Go to Google Places
  2. Sign in with Google Account info.
  3.  Click to add New Business on Google Places page, and search your business phone number to see if Google already has information on your business.
  4. If there are no results for your company / business Click to add a New Listing
  5. Fill out the form providing your business information
  6. Categories: NOTE: its very important to select 1 Google category listed, then you can enter up to 4 more customized categories (this is key search results)
  7.  The rest of the form is self explanatory – if you have any issues questions consult the Google Places guide / help
  8.  Preview your business listing on the right side of your screen, once finished click Submit at the bottom of the page.
  9. Choose how you would like to verify your listing and click Finish.

Once Verified you can see your Listing on Google Places. Google Places If you change you Business Address or name of Company / Business you will need to reverify ownership. Contact John Cullen direct for more information on Local Internet Marketing and On-Line Visibility

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