Updating my Internet Marketing Plan Framework

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“We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but a habit”.

– Aristotle

I guess “I should do as I preach” and start the new business year by updating my Marketing Strategy – Goals – Activity Plan for the year. At least an overview to focus my thoughts and activities.

Business Proposition and Positioning

Proteus provides businesses with a measurable and experienced internet marketing and sales support, that will deliver results, based on proven marketing skills.

Proteus will deliver against agreed goals.

Proteus will focus on increasing sales leads, leading to increase sales income.

Proteus will focus on cost effective and efficient internet marketing implementation.


Proteus Internet Marketing LLC, 3 years on continues to grow, change and develop.

Business Clients based on results have renewed contracts and are ongoing customers and are delighted with results.

SEO and SEM are also developing and changing even faster, one challenge is keeping up with all the opportunities, which is a great position to be in!

Goal for 2010 / 2011

Add 5 new customers to the business base in 2010.

Identify potential customers that “get it” but do not have the time or knowledge to get into the detail of SEO and SEM.

Target Customer Profile

WHO – medium size businesses with appreciation “at the top“ of the potential benefits of internet marketing and are willing to test / measure / learn / grow

WHERE – based in UK or USA

WHY – the business wants to learn and use the internet to reach potential customers but does not need or can justify full time internet marketing in organization

Internet Marketing Planning 2010 / 2011

Detail monthly activities to:

increase visitors to web site with constant SEO update and Ad Words Campaigns

increase readership of blog by regular writing with basic insights to small medium size businesses, and hopefully dialogue

expand social media visibility of John Cullen and Proteus

contribute more to local business community, get involved

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