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Opportunities with Internet Marketing

Proteus Internet Sales and Marketing agency and consulting is now located in Loveland , Ohio. Check out our Internet Marketing Blog : We have over 8 years experience and knowledge in implementing Internet Marketing for small businesses, in the Cincinnati area. The internet has changed the whole selling and buying process, it’s time to change and take […]

Executive Coaching Internet Marketing – Expertise & Knowledge Center

Internet Marketing Executive Coaching for Business Owners Executive Coaching on effective Internet Marketing opportunities for Business Owners, in Ohio / Kentucky, who want to improve their business knowledge of the latest internet marketing tools and social media marketing…FAST! Gain Up to date knowledge of Internet / Digital Marketing…FAST! Website Effectiveness, Google Search, SEO, PPC, Social […]

Timely reminder…by Seth Godin…”it’s about the Purple Cow”

purple cow

This Blog has evolved from general internet marketing, to SEO, to brand positioning and got lost in it’s own purpose and goal, like many other businesses. The Blog’s main purpose was to collect my thoughts on “changes in marketing” and “what impressed me about the new marketing opportunities”, for me, and others that might be […]

Internet Marketing – The Internet Small Business Opportunity Gap

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Internet Marketing – Small Business and Internet Opportunity Gap (updated from earlier post) 1. Research studies identified that consumers are actively increasing their use of the internet, where they collect and disseminate information and knowledge (Forrester Research), AND at a faster rate than business traffic. 2. This is the result of the dynamic changes and […]

Positioning and Targeting your Business On Line

Perception images

Positioning is what you do to the mind of the prospect.  That is, you position the product in the mind of the prospect.  [Al Ries and Jack Trout] Internet Marketing Positioning and Targeting Targeting in marketing: is how to evaluate and select, the most attractive markets for your business or product. Positioning in marketing: is […]

Consistency across On-Line Visibility – Building Brand Marketing Architecture

Brand Architecture Online Visibility Infographic

Consistency across On-Line Visibility One of the key elements of building a distinctive on-line brand is consistency in the information, copy, content and images of the brand that people see on-line. To help develop a unique competitive position and select which Social Media sites are most relevant to your company / business brand, you should […]

Internet Marketing Planning – Optimizing the New Marketing Mix

Optimizing Internet Marketing Mix

This is a good time to update  your Internet Marketing Plan, learning from last year and adjusting for new challenges. As with Traditional Marketing, your Internet Marketing Mix requires planning and coordination to get the best performance. To optimize your Internet Marketing its important to understand how your Company or Business is seen and perceived at […]