Promote Company Exports to USA with Local Internet Marketing and Social Media Strategy

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Internet Marketing & Export Marketing Global Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing and Social Media offer businesses a convenient and cost effective method of promoting their business products / services globally.

The opportunity goes beyond establishing your business website, and having different languages on an export business website, it’s about establishing a consistent image and message across all the relevant channels on the Interent.

Creating demand in USA for your export business used to entail a significant expense and long term relationship building with distributors, it’s now possible to create  awareness of your branded products and services and direct relationship with potential consumers using social media channels e.g. Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog etc

Understanding “local market needs” and “social interaction” provides the opportunity to connect with potential business decision makers (B2B sales) and consumers direct (ecommerce).

Research – Internet Marketing and Export Marketing

Research supports the fact that the internet  promotes export sales, following my recent post on promoting internet marketing to improve Greek business exports

I came across the following research study  Internet and Export Marketing: Impact of Internet Use on Export Revenues of Greek SMEs

“Furthermore, it seems that the use of Internet can help Greek SMEs to satisfy their international customers need for personal contact in a very efficient way, resulting in an increase of their export sales” University of MacedoniaYannis A. Hajidimitriou &Albertos C. Azaria

Developing and International Business Online

Aileen O’Toole of AMAS an internet consultancy in Ireland offers 10 key tips to developing a localized web presence:

1. Let the internet be your international shop window

The internet is a 24/7 lead generator and the most cost-effective way to market and reach buyers in overseas markets.

2. Remember, a website is not a strategy

A new local website will not deliver any value if it is not part of a carefully thought-out international marketing strategy.

3. Create the right web structure

From the domains to use, through to how many sites you have and how company brands are represented on the web, structure is essential.

4. One size does not fit all

Internet use varies from market to market.  Companies need to be in tune with the sites and behaviours of audiences in targeted overseas markets.

5. Plan localisation translation

Localisation is about more than translation. It extends to culture, technology platforms, legal requirements, logistics and much much more.

6. Be clever: reuse and recyle

Keep a lid on costs by selecting technologies that can power multiple sites and by creating web templates that can be replicated across multiple localised sites. See examples of Connolly’s Red Mills’ Irish and UK websites.

7. Think global, act local

Many overseas buyers like to deal with companies based in those markets. So use local domains and secure listings in local directories and on local search results.

8. Put audiences first

Forget about what the MD wants on the home page. Your audiences, their needs and their tasks should be central to how you plan and deliver a web project.

9. Don’t get lost in translation

Poor quality translation can undermine an entire international marketing strategy.  Invest in high-quality translation.

10.  Manage the shop

A new site is a beginning, not an end.  Resources need to be put in place centrally and also at market level to support a multi-lingual web presence.

International businesses interested in developing a cost effective brand marketing strategy for their products or services in USA should contact me

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