Small Business and the Internet Marketing Myopia

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Internet Marketing Myopia

Internet Myopia Eye Chart
Internet Myopia Eye Chart

Six years on and still surprised that so many businesses continue to suffer from internet myopia!

The Facts

97% of customers look for local businesses online

70% of them use Google as their main search engine

85% never look beyond the first page

62% of search users click a link on the first page of search results

The Marketing Logic

All businesses need a website and also need to promote the website.

All businesses need to use social media and other internet marketing to promote their website

All businesses with a well promoted website, have increased number of visitors, more sales leads and more orders.

The Proof 

“…….2011 was highest annual sales ever, and 40% from new customers”…..Freeman Schwabe   

“…….2 out of 3 visits to my website is from a google search! My business doubled and my web visits have increased 200%”…….Art Classes Greg Storer

“there’s no question that our SEO performance has benefited us tremendously……” Oxfordshire Hotels


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