Challenges for the Internet / Digital Marketing Mindset

Small Business is still slow to Adopt the Digital Mindset Corporate is being challenged by smaller more energetic and forceful competition, through online search, building on an effective web site and social media network has become a dynamic marketing tool. So why is it taking so long for Small and Medium size businesses to realize […]

Interactive Marketing for Small Medium size businesses, cut costs develop more prospects

Social Media and Digital Marketing Mindset A digital marketing mindset accepts that technology and business are now intertwined, and that information and communication technology provides a business differentiator and competitive advantage. As a customer / consumer the benefits of the new digital media & mindset are infinite: access to more information convenience of search and […]

Digital Marketing Mindset

mistkaes Happen Thinker

This is a good follow up article to my earlier post “Digital Marketing the Point of Difference vs Traditional Marketing”  “Four Ways to get more value from digital marketing” a McKinsey Article by David C. Edelman from 2010 “Companies that make the deep strategic, organizational, and operational shifts required to become effective digital marketers can […]

Digital Marketing the Point of Difference vs Sales Push Marketing


“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” — Theodore Levitt Digital Marketing Mindset From my own experience coming up with great ideas is easy, the skill to make them happen and succeed is more elusive and much harder work. Just as the digital marketing age has brought abundance of creativity & […]

Marketing Leaders require a Digital Mindset and the Ability to manage Change


Same Old – Same Old During my years in Corporate Management we were introduced to various new management theories, which were viewed by the cynics (including me) as the latest “flavor of the month”, for senior management career development. The problem with these great management theories & ideas is that the implementation is generally being executed […]